Monday, September 26, 2011

The Reunion

It felt like we were driving at a snail's pace going to Ithaca to pick up Lily. I know we weren't but it was a long ride just the same. Our appointment with Dr. Cameron wasn't until 4:30pm and of course we got there early.

Marina came out to get us and she took us to an exam room. We looked around but no Lily yet. So many instructions to go over. We had to review all of her new med's and learn what each medicine did for her. We were trained for doing her physical therapy since she is not allowed to walk. We learned about her wound care. We learned she has to be on crate rest for at least 6 weeks ~ Ugh! All I kept thinking was Ok, Ok, where is our Lily Belle!

Marina left the room when Dr. Cameron entered. Dr. Cameron reviewed everything again with us. I think I heard every other word she was speaking. All my brain could think was 'Lily, Mommy's here."

In a flash, the door opened and there was Marina and Lily. And the tears flowed....

Mommy's Favorite Flower ~ This is what Lily is named after!
It was a joyous reunion! Lily saw us immediately and that little tail started wagging away like crazy. Lily started "talking" to us in only the way that Lily can. So much excitment from all of us. I don't know who was happier! I felt like I was holding a newborn in my arms ~ be gentle, don't drop her, watch her neck. She feels so wonderful in my arms, her neck nuzzled up to my face. She is purring like a cat. She is so happy to be in my arms. She kissed her Daddy like there was no tomorrow. It was hard to hold her as she was wiggling so dang much.

Lily & Mommy this summer
The time has come Lily, it's time to take you home.

We left behind a cookie tray for Dr. Cameron, Marina and all others who helped care for Lily. I also wrote them both thank you letters from the heart.

P.S. Lily Belle, you're worth every penny!

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