Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lily's Time at Cornell Companion Animal Hospital

I have to say we L-O-V-E the Cornell Companion Animal Hospital!! We receive updates every day, twice a day from Marina; Lily's Vet Assistant. We prefer to think of Marina as Lily's Guardian Angel. I can tell from Marina's voice, she has fallen in love with Lily. How can you not! It has all been good news which brings us much relief. Marina feeds her, she takes her outside (and now knows Lily hates the rain and wet grass), she talks to her, she massages her sore neck, she holds her, she tells Lily that her Mommy and Daddy love her very much, she is there for what ever Lily needs. She is there for us!

After each update, I either call Lily's Aunt Rona and Aunt Pat or send them an e-mail with the news. It is a true blessing to have them in our lives. They are my Angel's!

I also have been sending out e-mails to all our other friends. So many people care about you Lily Belle. So many prayers being said for you too. We just have the best friends.

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