Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cervical Surgery for Lily

Rolf and I stayed in the hotel and I don't think that either of us slept a wink all night long. Lily we were told was resting comfortably at the hospital. The day was here and Lily will have her surgery in the afternoon (09-21-11). Our stomach's were in our throat's and we could hardly choke down breakfast.

We went to see Lily before her big surgery. It was a very emotional time for Rolf and I. Lily was so happy to see us even though she was in pain. It was a very brief visit as they were going to take Lily into the operating room right then and there. In fact, the Anesthesiologist was waiting for her. He was so kind to give us a few minutes with her. 

Oh God... What do you say to your little loved one? How do you tell her that we are all praying for her and that all will be OK. How do you tell her just how much we love her....

At this moment in time, this very second of this very minute, there are no words spoken. Godspeed Lily Belle, Godspeed.

I know that when we left her in the care of her new Vet friend Marina, there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Mommy is a wreck and Daddy isn't much better.

We decided that since it would be at least 4+ hours to receive any news about Lily, Rolf and I decided to go back to the beautiful Children's Garden. It became our place of solice. It is where the birds sing, the chippies run free and the flowers flow in the breeze. It was now "our" place to go to send our loving thoughts and prayers to Lily.

The hours passed, slowly, very slowly. We were getting nervous when we didn't hear anything, so after almost 5 hours of waiting at the Children's Garden, we drove up the hill to the hospital. Rolf and I decided that we will wait in the parking lot for another 1/2 hour and if we didn't hear something I would walk in and check on things.

I can tell you this ~ It seemed like eternity until my cell phone rang. It was Dr. Cameron calling with great news.

Phew.... Dr. Cameron said that Lily did awesome during surgery. She was out of recovery, off the ventilator, breathing on her own and was now sound asleep in her crate. And the Angels sing!

They removed 2 bone chips from the rupture that were laying up against her spinal column and pressing on her nerves. They went in through the bottom side of her neck (under her chin) which is the best way to go when possible. They say that if they have to go in through the top/back of her neck, it is a much harder recovery for the dog. She was one lucky dachshund.

Dr. Cameron chuckled when I told her we were in the parking lot out front. Nervous Nellies we are!

Lily Belle, our little love bug, we hate to leave you here. To have you wake up alone without us there is killing us inside. I know there is nothing Daddy and I can do about it, but you are in good hands. Don't be afraid sweetie. Snuggle up to the t-shirt that I had them put in your crate for you. It smells like Daddy and I. Just a little piece of us to remind your little heart that we are always with you.

The ride home without Lily was a killer. We were an emotional train wreck which made it that much longer.

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