Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We Survived Hurricane Irma

It was sure a dark and scary night when Hurricane Irma rolled right through our town. We were all hiding in our hurricane shelter (aka the walk in master closet.)

Mommy had everything set up in there perfectly (well, except for having to be in our crate for safety reasons which I, Lily Belle, did NOT like one bit!)

There was no way Mommy was taking out all of her clothes. She said if the roof came down all her clothes would help protect us.

We listened to the emergency weather radio to track where the storm was. It was a crank up radio which worked well. The closet tho was very hot with no air moving around.

First we had some tornados come visit our immediate area. That's what took out the power. Then Irma hit our little town at 12:54 am. None of us were happy with the noise she was making. It was really creepy and even Daddy was quite nervous. Mommy hung on to our crate for dear life. Daddy hung on to Mommy. Jesus held us all.

It was an experience one does not forget!

Irma stayed well until morning light. When we went out early morning to potty, We were hooked to harnesses and leashes. The winds were 75mph and we were not going to use any pee-pads either!

We lost lot's of branches, plants and trees. We had our 5 back living room windows all pouring in water which went down the walls and onto the carpet. Lost 4 window screens. Kitchen window frame shifted and now have a 1/2" gap to the outside. Driveway lights broke and damaged from debris flying around. Front door frame shifted and gap also to the outside. Had to toss all our food in both refrigerators out. And...that's just some of the damage!

But we survived and compared to many, we are in good shape. We are BLESSED. Our hearts break for everyone who suffered.

We were able to find a place 2 days after the storm that had power and we rented it and moved there for now. We tried to stay in our house but being Florida and still hot here, we were all getting sick from the 91 degree temp inside the house.

Our entire sleeply little town was deserted. No one had power. Nothing open around here at all. No gas, no water, no stores..... Thank goodness for FEMA setting up a emergency distribution station here. We were able to get bottled water from them along with some food.

Our house finally got power back on after 6 days. Some parts of our community are still without. Trust me when I say, the Linemen from all over are working really hard. God bless them all!

Mommy immediately filed a claim with our insurance company. On Saturday Rusty came out to dry out the carpet and walls. He peeled back the wet & stinky carpet, cut holes in our walls and put in 2 really loud fans.

The insurance adjustor came today and went through all the damages with Mommy. He said, now it's just a waiting game. He had no idea how long it would be before we hear back from them.

We're all crabby and tired. Plus they started up the work on the kitchen again. Mommy is pulling her hair out and will be bald shortly.

About the only thing Mommy can find around here is our dog food and treats. Life is good!

Lily Belle


  1. We were praying you would all be safe. How positively terrifying. You did the smart thing hunkering down in that space with supplies. Here's hoping the clean up goes smoothly and life gets back to normal.

    Abby Lab

  2. We're glad you all made it through the storm okay. It's surprising to hear the kitchen work is going on. We would have thought they might need to be working on fixing up damaged homes. Well at least you will have a beautiful new kitchen to work in soon.

  3. That sounds awful. So glad you're all safe and that Mommy found your food and treats. Hugs to all.

  4. That sounds awful. So glad you're all safe and that Mommy found your food and treats. Hugs to all.

  5. What a scary story! Thank God you're all OK and have someplace to stay. Prayers that things get back to normal soon. Hang in there. You've all been very brave. xo

    Love and licks,

  6. Our mom followz your mom on that facebark thingy an'wuz so glad 2 c a status update frum your mom after the hurricane. We wuz all keepin'u'all in our thoughtz an'prayerz an'so furry much happee 2 read that u'all r safe. What a most scary time u'all must haf had.
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  7. Thank goodness you are all OK.
    Hazel ^ Mabel

  8. I am sooo pleased to hear you are all okay, that Irma sure had a nasty temper
    Paws crossed your insurance peeps get sorted out quickly. Big hugs to you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  9. First of all, we're so happy you've weathered the storm. It must have been VERY scary. We don't even like little wind. Hopefully, the insurance company and repair people will coordinate and get everything quickly repaired.

  10. We are glad yous are all OK! We hope your mom does not go bald but we totally understand. Best of all, your treats are fine!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  12. What a terrifying time you all had. So glad you are all okay and hope your home will be habitable again soon.

    We want to say thank you for your kind comment when we lost Buddy in late Sept. We're glad he was with us as long as he was but we sure miss him!

  13. Oh my goodness what a scary night that must have been for you all!!
    I get scared when it's windy here but we have NEVER had to go through such a huge event like you've all been through.
    I'm so glad you are all okay...
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)

  14. We came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are all okay.


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