Friday, May 26, 2017


Little did we know that when Mommy went back to work in August for a neighbor who needed help, the evil "C" word would come into play.

This is the story of Lucille.

Lucille had back surgery and we thought the surgery went bad. Lucille had problems walking and was in horrible pain in her right hip. Because she could not take care of herself, the family hired Mommy to take care of her. Mommy would cook, clean, take her to the Dr's & even walk her Labrador dog Joey. Mommy would take her out for lunches and host dinners at our house with her friends. Mommy and Lucille became quick friends. They had a lot in common. And Lucille loved doxies too! It was supposed to be a part time job but became full time very quickly.

In October after having tests done, we received the call that a grapefruit size tumor was found in her abdomen and it ate her entire right hip apart. It was uterine cancer. You see Lucille had uterine cancer 10 years ago and it came back. Mommy and Lucille shuffled off to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for 6 weeks. Then Mommy had to find her an assisted living facility to live in. Mommy had to find her dog Joey a new forever family (bcuz Muffin wouldn't let him come live with us.)

In between the numerous visits to Moffitt, Mommy had to pack up Lucille's entire house and move it all to a storage facility. Mommy supervised all the numerous contractors she hired to fix up the house to get it up for sale. Mommy had to sell her car.

Many surgeries, blood clots, stents and tests were done. Mommy was there with Lucille all the way.

Last Monday while talking to Mommy and holding her hand, Lucille slipped into a coma. Lucille was in transition. Mommy spent just about the entire week, day and night with Lucille. Mommy held her hand tight and talked to her continuously.

On early Sunday morning, Lucille left for her journey Home.

Lucille was a cancer warrior! She battled with grace, dignity and courage. She was 68.

On the way, she stopped at the Rainbow Bridge to gather her pack who was anxiously awaiting for their Mama. She is now dancing in heaven with her beloved husband Bob and I'm sure chatting up a storm with her sister Clair.

Mommy said we have to remember Lucille with love in our hearts. Remember the fun we provided her during the rough times. Remember the love she had for all of us. She gave us great head scratches too!

Mommy misses her "little bird" as she lovingly called Lucille. A complete stranger who entered her life 9 months ago and left as family.

Mommy has been working hard getting Lucille's affairs all in order for the family. They are from Canada. Mommy is waiting their arrival at our door any minute. It will be a very busy weekend for all of us. They will be cleaning out Lucille's storage facility and Mommy is hosting a memorial at our house on Sunday. Lucille always loved Mommy's strength and her ability to get any job done.

Mommy looked up at the heavens last night and told Lucille "we're doing ok."

Life changes quickly friends! Love them all while they are still here.

Lily Belle


  1. God bless your mom for being there for Lucille through it all
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. Your mom was an angel for Lucille!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. So sad about Lucille, but happy she had/has an angel--your mum--to help her.

  4. We're so sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure there was a joyous reunion at the Bridge!

  5. Lily Belle, Lucille was a beautiful lady! I am glad she had your Mom as a wonderful caregiver. While I have missed reading about your adventures I see more important things were needing to be done. I know you are proud of your Mom. I hope you and Muffin are doing great and have not had to do any er vet visits and enjoying spring.
    Jane and Sambo

  6. I think that your mom was a bit of an angel for Lucille and vice versa. I'm sorry that they didn't have more time together but it sounds as if they became very close very fast. I'm glad that Lucille is reunited with her family in heaven but I'm so very sorry for your loss.

  7. So sorry to read this- You made her last days on earth easier and made a new friend in the process.

    Keeping you in our prayers

  8. Oh my....I am a bit behind in my reading and I am so, so sorry to hear about Lucille. My heart goes out to you. What a sweet soul. You really were her angel. Blessings to you, my friend.

  9. We're so sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure there was a joyous reunion at the Bridge!

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  10. This is such a beautiful post. Your mom is evidently a special human. Lucille was so fortunate to have met her and become part of your extended family. Give your mom a big hug from all of us.


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