Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 2016

Oh yes, the Mom has been slacking on the blogging end once again. Mom and Dad have been busy around the house and yard butt we don't think that's a good excuse for not keeping our furends up to date with our happenings.

Muffin and I had to stay home on New Years eve when the ball dropped. They went out and had a grand ol'e time. They took the golf cart to the local bar and celebrated with some friends.

Then another day we got left behind and they went to watch a bunch of idiots jump outta airplanes.

It was the national collegiate parachuting championships and was right up the road, so they decided to go check it out. It was a beautiful day and they said they had fun.
The weather here has been chilly (for Florida) and we've had quite a bit of rain. But after the rain, we had some beautiful rainbows in the backyard.
We all had a fabulous Christmas and Mommy got a pasta maker. She's always wanted to learn how to make homemade pasta and found just the person to teach her. Grandma's good friend Carol is doing a stellar job as an instructor bcuz Mommy's pasta is yummy to the 10th degree!
So after only 1 "instruction class" Mommy got Daddy involved and they made pasta together. 

Mommy then made her white clam sauce to go on top of the linguini. They just kept saying "yum", "oooh", "ahhhhhh." We got a little of the plain pasta in our bowl.
They also went out to see some beautiful Florida sunsets in town.


Daddy made some drawer dividers for Mommy and also put on her new drawer pulls. That made her really happy!

I got some yogurt licking in.

Muffin got lot's and lot's of special snuggles in with Mommy.


And to top it all off, Mommy had a very special & heavenly visitor the other day. Now you all know, Mommy has been coming to the FL house with G-Pa Bob for the last 8 years. She has cleaned this house from top to bottom and has cleaned out every closet, every drawer, every corner. The other day she had to clean out the kitchen drawers so Daddy could put the new drawer pulls on. As she was cleaning out the drawer that holds all the greeting cards (yes, Grandma had a greeting card drawer!), right in front of her very eyes she found this....

An envelope addressed to her at her very old address in Grandma's writing and also a pack of Grandma's hair nets!! Holy Moly!!! Grandma dropped in from heaven and left Mommy a little reminder that she is still with us in spirit. Oh how Mommy cried and smiled at the same time.

Mommy has been in that drawer 87 billion times and has been through every card in there over the past 8 years. So this, call it what you will, was truly a sign.

While the Florida weather has not been the greatest recently, they actually got in a few dips in the pool. It's been in the 60's butt the pool is heated so that made it ok.

I, Lily am allergic to the grass here in Florida which is not a good thing. Butt we're learning how to deal with it. My new nick-name is Itchy Scratchy!

We love you all!

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. It sure is good to hear from you girls. Our mom keeps us up to date with all your news from her Facebook page. We hope you can figure out some medicine to take to stop you itchies.

  2. We have been wondering how everything was a going, aren't those little surprises just heavenly. we hope the itches go away real soon, your dad did a good job on those drawers.
    stella rose

  3. Wow, you have all been busy! OMD that pasta maker is a super thing...I'd love to try a little of that myself. What time is dinner?!? BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. Looks like your year is off to a busy start. Enjoy!

  5. Sounds like things are going Ok for you in Florida!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. Wow that looks very yummy pasta…need any help wiv the eatings?
    Gosh you haf been soooo busy, butts you did make time to watch those beautiful sunsets, oh and fur serious snuggle time, most impawtant thingys
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Happy 2016! I hope this year is amazing for you!

  8. OMD OMD this is gonna be sort of X-Rated..... so feel Free to just DELETE it ... OKAY???
    OMD YOUR mom has one of those Kitchen BITCH machines just like OUR mom does.... except Mom's is BLUE WILLOW colored... Mom says it is her FAVORITE Kitchen thingy... and THAT is why she calls it the Kitchen BITCH.... it does SO many thingys in her kitchen...
    OMD She does NOT have (or want) a Pasta Maker... butt DOES have other Attachments fur the Kitchen BITCH... and BOY HOWDY does she ever make some Grand and Delicious thingys with it... OH DOES OUR MOM LOVE HER KITCHEN BITCH...
    WE are thrilled that your mom is making FUN and delicous thingys with HER... Kitchen FUREND...

    OH... OH that CARD... that wasn't there... until it WAS... What a fabulous... thing... a gift from... beyond..

  9. Whew! That was an awesome update. I love the pasta on coat hangers. I wish I could eat 5 coat hangers worth! Yummy! Maybe your mom can wear the hairnets while she's cooking.....

    Love and licks,

  10. What a beautiful sign. Angels are among us. I'm hungry now though, the Kraft Mac and Cheese just isn't looking all that exciting now.

    LB and Abby Lab

  11. and your peeps have been busy little beavers. That's a lot going on over there. Mommy said she remembers her Grandma making pasta by hand and it sure did taste good..better than that boxed stuff! They didn't have pasta makers back then so she had to mix it all by hand, roll it out on a board and cut it to size with a knife. Sure wish Mom remembered how it was done, BUTT she was just a little peep back then!

  12. I was so excited to see y'alls post. Mom bought my brother in law a pasta make for Christmas and couldn't find a pasta tree anywhere. She said she can't wait to tell him to use hangers. Genius! I will never understand why people jump out of pawfectly good airplane. Love the photos of the sunsets. I love how your grandma sent your mom a card from heaven it gave me chills and made mom cry. It's true they are always with us. Mom loves to get visits in her dreams- so special. Hope to see more of y'all!

    Aroo to you,

  13. Y'all are having fun! I want a heated pool!

  14. Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad that you're all so happy... but I'm sorry about Lily's allergies. The sunsets are spectacular!

  15. Yogurt licking AND MOmma snuggles? That's some quality time right there!

  16. We had to reread the one part cuz at furst we thought your mom was jumping out of airplanes! She must be a tidy person to hang up her pasta like that BOL! Looks like you're off to a good start for the new year (except for the grass trouble).

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  17. Our Grandma has a similar experience. Grandma was looking for an important document once. Grandma looked in a drawer a billion times and the document wasnt there. Then Grandma said she felt like her deceased mother was standing by the drawr. So grandma looked in the drawer (the one she looked in countless times before), and there was the document she was looking for. Thank u great-grandma. Yes, we believe!

  18. Special snuggles are the best! Thank your mom so much for popping over to leave a note... we think of you all often, and we're grateful for our fur friends. And your mom is the best!
    Tootsie & Renee

  19. Oh thank you for the update on what you all have been doing. That story about the heavenly visitor made mom's spine tingle! Are you wearing special shoes in the grass!
    Madi your bffff

  20. Glad to see an update, hope 2016 keeps getting better. :)


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