Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Home in New York

Mommy said we should have stayed in Florida. We had a good ride back from Florida but did hit quite a bit of rain along the way and much colder temperatures.

The night before we left Florida, I, Lily Belle started licking my back paw like crazy. Mommy looked at it and couldn't see anything butt I kept licking away. While we were in the hotel, Mommy took another good look and realized that between some of my toes, it was getting raw and oozing a bit. When we were pulling into our NY driveway, Mommy called our Vet. Two hours later I was whisked away.
This was on June 25th

Not really sure what happened to my paw in FL, but it is really annoying. I'm now on an antibiotic, an anti inflammatory and a paw soaking solution. Oh crap, did I mention they put me in the Cone of Fame?

Because of my IVDD surgery a few years ago, it has to be a soft, pliable cone. Butt I'm outsmarting the hoomans! I figured out how to reach my back paw and still lick it. Mommy bought baby socks butt I'm not having none of that either.
Then on Friday, the very first weed Mommy pulled, unearthed a swarm of ground wasps. Sure enough, Mommy got stung. She pulled out the stinger (after killing the bastard - her words, not mine) and washed her arm. By late Saturday afternoon Mommy's arm was turning hot, red and swelling up. Daddy had to take her to the after hours medical center for medicine. The wasp had a dirty stinger.
Now, let's talk about my paw again. Notice the picture above from the 25th? Not too terribly bad looking butt really bothersome.
July 2nd.

See how much worse it is getting? So back to the Vet's again. Still can't see anything in there. Mr. Vet took a BIG needle and stuck it in the sore part. I was NOT happy and kept crying and flinching. Mommy thought she was gonna hurl up her lunch. After looking at the sample under the microscope he said we're doing all the right things for the infection and it's just going to take time to start draining. Mr. Vet said it was OK for me to lick it (since nothing is preventing me from getting at it with my licker.) Mommy doesn't like that idea because she's worried it will upset my tummy.

Well today is July 8th and yesterday it started to drain a little yucky stuff from many holes. We've been soaking it like crazy in the medicine. Mommy said some areas are actually getting bigger NOT smaller, so we're off once again this afternoon to have it looked at. Geez, can't a girl get a break around here.

This was taken this morning. You can see all the places that are swollen and irritated. It's very painful for me to walk. Even the bottom of my paw is bleeding.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what it is, what to do, etc.?? Mommy is stumped!

Now...... G-Pa Bob is getting all settled into his new Home at Happy Acres. It's taking everyone some getting used to it and all the changes. Butt you know what? He's STILL smiling!

Mommy said it is a nice place and they are keeping him really busy all day long. He's already been out on their scenic drive, played bingo & cards, goes to exercise class daily, plays hangman, found the ice cream parlor, had an old friend come visit and so much more. He's in a nice big room that has now been decorated with family pictures, his recliner chair, favorite blanket, has dog treats for us and even a new doggie water bowl for when we visit.

They have beautiful patio's that they all sit out on frequently. And we heard the food is A #1.

Mommy is up there every day with him. We've not been there yet because of my paw butt you can bet once I'm better, we'll be spending lot's of time there spreading our love around.

The hooman's all spent July 4th together and had a great time having BBQ & watching fireworks.

Mommy said our house is really empty since G-Pa Bob doesn't live here anymore. It still makes her really sad.

Muffin and I have been hanging on our deck almost every day watching the deer while Mommy continues to pick the weeds.

Sorry we've not been around, butt we've been busy getting life organized again. It seems like the work never ends.

Love you all!

Lily Belle & Gang


  1. Hi Lilly
    We sending you some power of the paw :) We hope it helps your paw get better very soon :) Milo & Jet

  2. Hi Uncle Bob!
    We get those on our feets but not as bad. Mom soaks it in medicated shampoo, sprays it with no stinging antiseptic/cortisone spray and put on donut around our neck. You may need antibiotics
    Lily & Edward

  3. OMD, your poor paw! We don't have any ideas, but I hope it gets better real soon.

  4. Your poor little paw, mom says when her feet is bothering her she soaks it in Epson salts, but we don't know if that is safe for you or not, we hope the vet finds something out real soon, glad grandpa bob is doing so well, keep us informed....stella rose

  5. Oh sweetie, your paw does look very painful, sending you lots of POTP to make that all betters again.
    Glad to see G-Pa Bob has settled in, yummy foodables does help loads!
    You all take very good care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Holly cat poop your paw looks awful, bless your heart and if that's not bad enough they stuck you in the cone of shame. Maybe your mom should wear it for a while since she got stung. I sure hope your paw gets better. Grandpa Bob has the bestest smile it's big and spreads across his face, just lovely. Have a great day.

    Aroo to you,

  7. We are glad G-pa Bob is being taken care of at the new place. We are a bit concerned about your poor paw! We sure hope it gets better fast. Nothing worse than a sore paw!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. That paw sure doesn't look very good. If you get that infection under control, your Mom could try the Bitter Orange cream we got from our vet for Phantom's paw and tail. It really deters the licking bigtime. Hope the paw heals soon. And yes, we agree, Mom needs to wear that cone for a while too - BOL.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. That paw looks very painfull. Hope you can get it under control.
    We are glad that Grandpa Bob is settling in well
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  10. Well, not a great welcome back to NY. But we're glad Grandpa Bob has settled in an you can visit him.

  11. OMD are we EVER glad to see and hear from you.... OH SO SORRY about your paw.... one of those that came before US... had that one time... and it took about 2 weeks to go away... and the Dogtor TOLD mom and dad to LET him lick it.. as MUCH as he wanted to.

    OMGrampa BOB.... that man... his smile ALWAYS makes us feel 87,000 times Better. What a Fabulous Guy he is!!!!

  12. The paw is a mystery to us, but we send our POTP.

    We know change is hard with Grampa Bob moving and all, but sometimes in the long run it is good for everyone.

    Take care of yourselves!

  13. Poor baby! If it's only one the one paw, I can't really think of what it could be. Food and contact/environmental allergies usually are more widespread, and it doesn't look like a bite. Maybe something got lodged under the skin and has gotten infected?

  14. That paw sure looks nasty. We hope it clears up soon. We are glad to hear Grampa Bob is settling into his new home.

  15. Seeing Grandpa Bob made us all smile too. He looks so happy. As for all the rest..Yikes! Don't even know what to say other than we keep on sending you every ounce of love and prayers we have.


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