Friday, August 1, 2014

When it rains - POTP


Daddy has been admitted to the hospital. He has some type of mass in his right side and right now is very septic. I will update when I know more.


Mommy had to rush Daddy to the emergency room tonight at 11pm. He is in horrible pain & peeing pure blood.

Daddy only has 1 kidney & the pain is on the side where it is missing. Which is really stumping the Doctor at the moment.

We know Mommy is taking great care of him as she's had lots of practice!

Uncle Bob came right over to stay with Grandpa Bob & us.

Hopefully we'll get some results soon.

Lily Belle


  1. Oh dear mates. We have POTP working right now for your dad. Take care and know we are thinking of you.
    No worries (especially for your Dad) and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  2. Keeping Pawsitive thoughts fur a speedy recovery.

  3. We have our paws crossed tight for all of you, but especially for Rolf.

  4. We have daddy in our thoughts and prayers. Our love and virtual hug to mum.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Oh Kim...this is awful. Enough is enough and you've already had more than your share of worry. Our thoughts are with you as well as our prayers.

  6. Dear Ones,
    We have our paws crossed and sending POTP fur Grandpa Bob. We are SO sorry that he is having pain. We PRAY that the doctors can make him comfortable.

  7. We are praying hard for your Daddy and that the Dr. figures it out real soon. You momma has a lot on her plate, and we wish we could take some of it off of there for her. Please keep us updated.
    Stella rose and Momma

  8. Flooding your comment boxes with positive paws and thoughts. Maybe if we post more POTPs, the tendency of daddy getting better faster will happen.


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