Friday, August 1, 2014


Urgently seeking buyer for our Lemonade Stand. We're tired of making lemonade from all the lemon's we've been handed over the past 7+ months, so have decided to sell our Lemonade Stand. Willing to negotiate pricing, in fact, if interested, willing to give it away for FREE!

I know that they say God won't give you more than you can handle. Well I don't believe it any more! My stomach is in knots, my head hurts and my heart aches. Not sure this ol'e gal can take on any more stress.

Starting salary sucks, but the love is immeasurable! Need a sitter to start immediately. 1 old geezer and 2 adorable dachshund's need daily watching over. Guaranteed to fall in love with all 3. Current helper no longer around much. Job location - NY. Apply within.

Unfortunately at this time, I don't have any good news to report. Rolf had surgery early this morning and it was NOT a success! They didn't do anything wrong, but the surgery didn't do what they had hoped for.

Rolf was born with a defect in his urethra tube which was repaired when he was 17 years old. (He's now 64. Yes, I married an older man!) We've known for the past 21+ years that his right kidney was not functioning and has never caused him a problem before.

Last night while he was at a concert (yes, without me) he started to have horrible pain in his right side and even more pain when he tried to pee. He was smart ~ He went and stood over by the ambulance because he thought he was going to pass out. After about 1/2 hour the pain subsided and he came home. He started peeing every 5 minutes and it hurt! Then every 4 minutes, then every 3, etc. I tried to take him to the hospital then but he wanted to go to bed and see if he could ride it out.

At 11pm last night he screamed from the bedroom "that it was time." I knew what he meant. No, he was NOT having a baby! I immediately called brother Bob who came over immediately to stay with Grandpa Bob and the puppers.

Upon our arrival they did a whole bunch of blood and urine tests, a C-Scan and chest x-ray. By this time Rolf was peeing every minute and it was pure blood. The C-Scan showed that his "kidney" was grossly enlarged and he was septic from an infection. They just couldn't believe that he didn't have a kidney there! Saw the surgeon around 1:30am who said that they were assembling a team for surgery and that it wouldn't be done until early this morning. I got back home around 3am and was lucky if I got an hours worth of sleep.

This morning when I arrived at the hospital around 8am, they were prepping Rolf for surgery. They were going to put a tube in his "kidney" through his back to try and drain the infection. I was able to help wheel him in to the operating room and stayed with him until they knocked him out.

The nurse came out after the surgery and said that they were SHOCKED that nothing was draining from the tube! They are making him sit up in case gravity will help pull the infection down the tube. When I left tonight, the bag was still empty. What does this mean? It means that the infection is most likely lower down in the body. It was a gamble to put the tube in and we knew that. But you don't mess around with a Septic body!! (That is what killed my Mother.) So we agreed to try any and everything.

Tomorrow the Urology Surgeon will stop in. No more surgery will be done until the infection clears. There is too great a risk for it to spread more.

They will next week sometime test this "kidney" to see if it has any function at all. If in fact it is truly dead, they anticipate they will remove it. We don't know at this point either where the blockage is that is causing the blood in the urine. That still has to be figured out.

Right now Rolf has 3 IV's going into him, a ton of antibiotics and a high dose of pain killers. He is still peeing pure blood and it is painful. His right side is very painful because of all the infection. My sweet hubby is extremely ill and it kills me.

I have passed on all your prayers and sweet messages to him. It's nice to see him smile. When I read him your comments, I always tell him a little bit about you too. He said he feels the love.

Tonight I will get down on my knees once again and pray that he remains strong enough to pull through this. My heart just can't handle any more.


 Doesn't this just break your heart! Lily has been sitting by the door all night waiting for Daddy to walk in. No matter what I try, she won't budge.


  1. Bless your hearts! We are sending big purrs, purrayers, and lots of healing thoughts your way from all of us at Angel Prancer Pie.

    Pee Ess - just burn the lemonade stand down!

  2. I wish I was there and could give you a big hug. Yes, I have heard " they say God won't give you more than you can handle" so many times in my lifetime - due to my own medical conditions and disabilities plus other members of my family and their medical issues.- whenever someonesays that to me I just wanna scream and yell at them to shut up! This is a virtual hug - ((((((((((HUG))))))))))!!!!! Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta send their Aroooooooos - Beagle speak for POTP and I send lots of prayers and hugs too!
    Mom Kim
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

  3. Poor Lily, that breaks our hearts, too. We're sending our best wishes and POTP that he'll be home soon.

  4. That is heartbreaking the pic of Lily. We continue to pray for Rolf. We send you all our love and more virtual hugs. We know it is not easy but try and stay strong. If there is anything we can do from afar just shout out.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We are sending all of our doxie feel good rayz for your daddy, Lily. Mom is praying too.
    Hugs & love

    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. Dear Miss Kim, Mr. Rolf, Lily Belle and Muffin... and Grandpa Bob,
    We have you in our Hearts and our Prayers and are sending you our STRONGEST Dachashund VIBES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    We are looking fur some SQUIRRELS to Give all those LEMONS to... and then we are gonna turn your STAND into a KISSING BOOTH... you can just stand there and BLOGVILLE will give ALL of YOU as many CARING KISSES as you can stand.
    POTP fur Mr. Rolf
    Lily Belle, you keep standing by the door... your dad will be home SOON.... we are standing right with you.

  7. My heart goes out to you. You are surely being tested. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and will dedicate mine today for Rolf AND you. Hang in there and be sure to take care of yourself - Rolf will be needing you to be strong. Mega hugs and crossed paws from the dogs.

    Much love and concern, Kathie

  8. Dear Kim, we offer up our prayers for you, Grandpa Bob, Lily Belle, Muffin and especially for Rolf. We are so sorry for this infection and pray that the Good Lord will give insight to the doctors as they work to get this infection located and outta there.

    Baxter, Baxter's Mom & Dad

  9. We like Frankie's idea of turning the lemonade stand into a kissing booth. If you need us to we can come over and repaint it for you with new lettering. Walter would be happy to come over and man the booth for you too since he loves to give kisses. We are continuing to keep our paws crossed and if you really need help you know we are not far away. Do you think our momma could handle Grandpa Bob? We know she is good with pups. BTW what hospital is Rolf in?

  10. Your family has had far more to deal with then is fair. We continue to send all our love and hope and POTP to all of you. Remember to take some time for yourself Kim. It is hard in stressful situations, but care of the caregiver is essential to everyone.

  11. We're sending hugs, 24 paws of luck & extra good wishes, you need some sugar to go with all those lemons! Hope Rolf is feeling better soon. <3

  12. Yups, I agree with Frankie...that lemonade stand is getting turned into a Kissin' Booth!!! And ALL OF BLOGVILLE is lining up to gives you all a BIG KISS and HUGS!!!
    You tell your Pops that I am sendin' TONS of POTP and lots of healin' vibes and AireZens his way!!! (oh, and tell him I will drink a margarita in his honor and do a healing dance just for him!)
    Lily, that pic just is breakin' my heart gurl!!! Frankie is right, we will all stand with you, and waits for your Pops to walk through that door...I'll bring the Cheetos...
    Ruby ♥♥♥

  13. Dear Kim, my heart just aches for you. I am so sorry for your having to endure all of this. My prayers are with you and your husband today. Thinkng of you and sending love and hugs...Jeanne and the girls

  14. We agree with Frankie about the kissing booth, but I think you need to add some hugs on the side. You need lots of hugs right now. Keep watching for our hugs and POTP and lots of prayers from Florida. Lily, your Daddy will be home real soon.

  15. Oh Mates, this breaks our hearts too. We can only say we are thinking of you all, here in Oz, and sending our strongest love and thoughts that soon Rolf will be home where he belongs. Take care Kim. Just one day at a time sweetheart. When it's all too much, think of the love surrounding you and we hope it helps. No worries and love, Carol, Stella and Rory

  16. Oh Kim it breaks my heart to hear the news about Rolf. . I am here for you if you need me. I have a 63 yr old kidney if he wants it. (I am serious) Tell Lily keep on watching and Daddy will be home soon. I had a severe septic abdomen back in 1995 from diverticulitis which caused a tear in my colon and was misdiagnosed for 2 days until the infection and fecal matter was floating through out my abdomen. Had the surgery and 11 days later was back home. My prayers, faith and hope are coming your way. I am serious about the kidney if Rolf needs it. Me and Herbie will come to New York. Hold on tight to Lily & Muffin when you get home.

  17. Kim, I just wanted you to know that I have been praying for Rolf to get better. I can imagine how scary this is and I hope the doctors find the answer very quickly. I also am praying for you, Grandpa Bob, and little sweeties Lilybelle and Muffin.

  18. This is a difficult situation, both from a medical standpoint and an emotional one as well. I think we often have a tendency to think that the medical community is advanced well enough that they can pretty much figure things out and get it taken care of but this is a clear example that this is not always the case. We are so sorry. The weight of this sort of a problem can be so heavy that it might feel like you can no longer carry it. We personally do not think that God doesn't give us more than we can handle when there are clear examples of people who have been give more than they can handle. Besides, we cannot imagine God just throwing these things at us! No, we think that things just happen and God is there to help us endure the journey if we just focus on our faith and pray for strength. We pray you will have the strength to support your hubby through this and that you will receive support from those who surround you. We pray that the doctors make the good decisions and that they will be able to medically help your hubby for the best resolution for his condition. We pray that your husband receives relief for his pains and fears. And finally, we pray that you can hold strong to your faith and receive support from your community.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley . . . OK, mom might have added a few words . . .

  19. We fink NOBODY on here will want that lemonade stand Ms. Kim BUTT what we could do is turn it into firewood and roast some marshmellows. Marshmellows always makes us feel better. We wish we could come and watch the kids for you, we wish we could do lots of stuff to helps you out, butt we are to far away and that stinks...but one fing we can do and we always do is send a prayer your way, for your Dad, and your husband and for you, cos you are the sticky fly trap that keeps it all together. We will keep on sending those prayers...they have got to help!!
    Stellie Rose, Margaret mae and of course Angus Mac

  20. Hello girls and Kim, We are hoping your Dad is getting stronger. All of your family is in our prayers. Please take care and know how much you are loved and admired.

  21. Lily Belle and Muffin and Mom we are so very sorry to read about your sweet Dad. We hope and purr you have found some excellent help for when you are away.
    Please know we have you in your hearts and prayers
    Hugs madi and mom

  22. Since Daddy's home, we are assuming that he's getting batter. Poor Lily. It kills me to see that picture.

    We're sending all the positive energy your way. And more positive energy from all 44 paws in our stead.


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