Thursday, May 15, 2014

Statistical Update

Since Grandpa Bob came home 41 days ago from Rehab, we have been busy.

Between the blood lab, primary Doctor, Neurologist and Cardiologist, we've made 12 trips to see them.

1 Technologist came to the house.

He has been to outpatient rehab 16 times.

He has fallen 2 times. (BTW, he is healing nicely from the broken toilet adventure.)

He has had 0 broken bones.

He took out 2 sections of our dog fence when he fell the other day. Yup, bent the shit out of it before landing in the garden!

Grandpa Bob has 9 lives.

Had his medication adjusted 5 times.

Grandpa Bob has lost 20 pounds of fluid in 8 days. (Thanks to really strong water pills.) Getting rid of this excess fluid will help with the heart failure.

His bad heart valve will be looked at on Monday by 1 new Cardiac Surgeon in Orlando.

Right now, Grandpa Bob is all wired up for a 72 hour EEG test. They are testing his brain waves (we think they are trying to channel the spirits!)

This is the video camera, microphone and computer that is recording him for 259200 seconds. We have to keep the camera on him as much as humanly possible while in the house. The Technologist dials into a website every 3 hours to be sure all the wires are still recording properly. They can watch him live on camera if they need to. Mommy has to write down EVERYTHING Grandpa Bob does for these 3 days. Every time he takes his medicine, she writes it down. Every time he eats, she writes it down. Every time he has a seizure, she writes it down. She is supposed to push a button on the side of the machine that is attached to him, but that's not convenient for her to do. She's doing the best that she can. As of this moment, she is on page 5 of the writing it down list. Is there such a thing as too much togetherness?

He has 23 leads attached to his head and 2 EKG wires on his chest.

Yesterday alone, he was very confused 9 times. He even tried to put on his sweater backwards and upside down. Then she found him naked as a bear in the bathroom at 1pm. He woke from a nap and thought he was just getting out of bed for the day so he went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash up. He keeps Mommy on her toes at all hours of the day and night.

Through it all, Grandpa Bob is 100% in good spirits!

Mommy has 50 new gray hairs on her head!

Remember our picture from yesterday?

We were getting 0 treats (oh the injustice!) We were actually watching Grandpa Bob very closely. First of all, he looks really funny right now all wired up and he has a habit of getting too close to us with his walker. So every time he is on the move, we are on the alert and ready to run at a moments notice.

Fear not furends, we have been giving Mommy 87 billion kisses. We hope it's helping her!

We thank you for your continued prayers, support and good wishes.

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. We wish we lived closer to help your momma. Grandpa Bob loves her 1000 times over.
    stella rose

  2. You guys are doing great keeping Mama in good sprirts. We wish Grandpa Bob the best as he continues his tests.

  3. Bless his Heart... we just ADORE Grandpa Bob. He does have 9 lives... he is SOOOOOO lucky to have you and your mom to take SUCH FABULOUS care of him.
    Grandpa Bob is an INSPIRATION to all of US and to our PEEPS.

  4. Oh dear do you need a vacation. We are so happy grampy is doing well. So is he a kitty kat? 9 lives?
    Lily & Edward

  5. OMD mum you are a saint. Nothing short of one. We so understand how difficult it is as we kind of been there but under different conditions. GP Bob is so lucky to have you all. We know one day something really good will come your way as a thank you. Bless you as always and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh that's a lot of work for your mom. Grandpa Bob is lucky to have you all

  7. Just keep plugging along.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  8. Your Moms is the bestest, just to let her know. I don't thinks she hears that enough. She ROCKS! And I am sendin' her tons of AireZens and good vibes....
    Gpa Bob looks good! I loves his smile! I'm so glads there wasn't any damage to him from the toilet incident! Paws crossed that things will get stable and you and your Moms can take a breath!
    Ruby ♥

  9. Oh goodness....You really have your hands full. Know just what you're going through and wish we could help. But we still say extra prayers. Bet Grandpa Bob really loves all the attention. "Togetherness" is priceless.

  10. Grandpa Bob has the bestest smile. Y'alls mom needs all the kisses and support you can giver- she's amazing. Continued prayers for all of y'all.

    Aroo to you,

  11. Your momma is amazing! Give her a big cuddle from me and Pike.
    Love ya,

  12. I'm adding you to the blogroll!! We are practically neighbors...if you live in Perinton!! Yes, we have had terrible storms here in Canandaigua. Penn Yan got the worst of it...millions of dollars worth of damage. The schools are closed til next week and some of the roads actually got washed out. It truly is unbelievable!! We just returned from Florida on May 1st. Sounds like you sure have your hands full! Glad your pups are helping keep your spirits up!! Grandpa Bob seems like he is in good spirits...but it is VERY mom and dad have passed away...but those elder years are TOUGH!! Hang in there!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  13. We bet your Grampa Bob feels like a robot with all of those wires and machines connected to him! We hope they can fix his heart. Or maybe they can give him a robot heart instead!


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