Tuesday, April 15, 2014

He's Home!

Grandpa Bob is home! He actually came home a week ago butt we've been sooo busy keeping an eye on him.

Unfortunately, Grandpa Bob continues to have seizures. They have not gotten any better, in fact, Mommy thinks they are now getting worse. He seems to be 'down' longer when having them. So far, they have increased his dosage twice with no results.

His leg's are still quite swollen from the heart failure. He's on medicine for that too.

Yesterday, Grandpa Bob started out-patient physical therapy at the same place. Mommy said she needs to go there for some mental therapy as her brain is tired. They are going to continue to try and strengthen his leg's because they are really weak. Grandpa Bob is still extremely forgetful which doesn't help the situation.

We brought Grandpa Bob a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device. That way if he has a seizure while in the pool, he will be safe. Mommy won't let him in or near the water without it on.

Grandpa Bob also loves to sit outside on our little patio. When he does, you can bet your bippie that we're right there with him keeping him safe from the Tree Rats.

I, Lily Belle, sit on the couch each morning with Mommy while Grandpa Bob is having his breakfast. I'm an excellent watch dog and alert Mommy every time he gets up from the table and doesn't use his walker. Grandpa Bob said I'm a tattle tale! Mommy said I'm a good dog! I think Mommy win's that round!! Muffin can usually be found UNDER the table where delicious morsels of food end up.

We are back to not getting much sleep now that he is home again. Grandpa Bob doesn't sleep well and Mommy has to keep checking on him. We don't want him to wander off. These seizures can be very dangerous so we're always on alert.

Muffin can sometimes be a dumb shit ass, and doesn't always help while we're on duty. Does she think he's in the vacuum hose door?

Next week he is seeing a new Neurologist. We are praying that he can help Grandpa Bob find some relief from these seizures.

The good and important thing right now is that Grandpa Bob is home!

Lily Belle


  1. OH we are so happy that Grandpa Bob is home but we can also tell from the post how wore out and worried your momma is. We sure hope and pray they figure out how to stop those darn seizures. I like that you two help your momma wif Grandpa Bob, we did have to chuckle tho about Muffin being near the vacuum door...lol...when yu have time let us know how things are going cos we all care so much.
    Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus Mcconnell

  2. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS.... Grandpa Bob is HOME... HOME with YOU TWO taking Fabulous care of him... What could be better??? We are so happy we are doing the HAPPY DANCE.

  3. Glad Grandpa Bob is home. Hopefully the nuerologist will have lots of experience with epilepsy and can find the right drugs for Grandpa. You guys are doing great job of taking care of him.

  4. Nothing more to say but you are simply saints. How kind and how loving you are to GPB. We so know some of what you are going through, as each situation is different. Rest assured if we could we come over and help we would. Our hearts go out to you. You people are the best. You make us remember in the kindest of humanity again. Nothing more to say.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Glad Grandpa Bob is home! Hopefully he'll start to feel better soon and you can all get some rest. You're doing an amazing job taking care of him!

  6. Hope Grandpa Bob gets better . We love how u dogs have cushions on the deck to sit on.

  7. You guys keep up the good work, you know Grandpa Bob loves you no matter what you tattle on, cause he knows your keeping watch to keep him safe!

    The Mad Scots

  8. Soooo glad he is home!!!!! We know you are taking great care of him! Stop by Dakota's blog tomorrow if you have a chance, you have a surprise there!! You won something! www.dakotasden.net

  9. Mates, we are all wearing Grandpa Bob smiles here that he is home and being loved by you all. We send our love and hugs to you. You are simply amazing (especially your mum) and we think you are the true meaning of family. Looking after each other through the good and the bad. It's not easy but it's what you do for the ones you love. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  10. So glad he's homeI I hope the new doctor can give you some relief!

  11. We're so happy Grandpa Bob is home. AND good work Muffin, making sure he doesn't slip over of dropped food. Good thinkin' girl. Sounds like you are both being great nurses.

    XXXoOO Bella & Roxy

  12. That's wonderful news! Just take one day at a time I always say. Sending hugs and prayers.

  13. Yay so glad Grandpa Bob is home! Lilly good job keeping your eye on him and I don't care if he does call you a tattle tail you let your mom know his every move. Continued prayers for Grandpa Bob and mom.

    Aroo to you,

  14. I'm so glad that Grandpa Bob is home but it does sound like you have you paws full. I hope the new neurologist can help. I am "shopping" for a good neurologist too now so I know how that goes. Take care, all of you.

  15. We are happy to read that Grandpa Bob is home….where he belongs. And we have floatation vests for our pool too! You guys will have to stay on your paws to help keep an eye on Grandpa….cause he's your besets Grandpa!

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar & Schatzi

  16. I hope Grandpa Bob feels better soon. I know he feels LOTS better with you two looking out for him.

  17. We are glad to hear Grandpa Bob is back home. You are taking very good care of him.


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