Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Up's & Down's of Life

Furst we just gotta tell you that even tho we sat on the sidelines this Halloween, we really enjoyed all the festivities in Blogville. It brightened our day to visit everyone's blog to check out the costumes, the music, the dating scene & all the yummy foods.

We've been really busy here taking care of Grandpa Bob as you know. Mommy said to tell you he is doing remarkably well with his recovery. Visiting Nurse service comes a few times a week to check in on him (which goes over like lead with Grandpa.) Physical Therapy had an appointment with him today which didn't quite go as planned and Mommy ended up throwing her out of the house (butt keep reading and you'll know why.)

It's still been a whirlwind of Doctor's appointments and the one on the 13th is the important one. That will determine if we can leave New York and head off to Florida.

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, butt tomorrow night Mommy is throwing Grandpa Bob a small little surprise 89th birthday party at our favorite Irish Pub. Grandpa Bob will really enjoy it.

So, let me know tell you about today. Today Grandpa Bob was to have in-home physical therapy at 1:30pm. Today is also the first day (after his surgery) that Mommy let him drive. If Mommy had HER way, he would never be driving! Butt that's a whole different ball of wax and we don't want to get Mommy started.

Grandpa Bob decides to go to his Golf Club for lunch. Mommy reminded him 10 times about the therapist coming today at 1:30. So therapy Julie comes a little early and so does her assistant. Mommy is pissed that Grandpa is NOT home yet. They sit and talk and talk some more. Mommy keeps looking out the window and the driveway is still empty. She calls the Golf Club and they said he's already left. When he doesn't arrive home right away, Mommy figured he forgot about the appointment and maybe was showering at the Club. One of the therapist's couldn't wait around so she left. Mommy is not happy and the therapist too is less than thrilled.

Then the phone rang. It's Brother Bob calling from work (which is an hour away) and said that he got a phone call from someone that works for him who happened to leave work early today and that he saw that Grandpa Bob got into an accident and is on the side of the road.  It appeared that he was OK and that Little Bobby (his Grandson who also happens to be a police office) was also there. Brother Bob gives Mommy the location of the accident which is less than 1/4 mile from our house.

Mommy grabs her cell phone, yells at the therapist as she's grabbing her keys, hurries the therapist out the door and hops in her van and leaves. Can you believe Mommy didn't even give us our usual treat filled Kong before leaving??

Mommy gets up the road 6 houses and here comes Little Bobby (aka our own personal PoPo) with Grandpa Bob. Brother Bob is calling constantly trying to figure out what is going on and has started the hour drive to our house from his work.

We are happy to say this... IT WAS NOT GRANDPA BOB'S FAULT!

We are happy to say this... GRANDPA BOB APPEARS TO BE OK!

Grandpa Bob was driving along, minding the road (which is a furst according to Mommy), he had a green light and was traveling through the intersection when a 17 year old young lady coming the other way decided to make a left turn and rammed into our van.

Not more than 10 seconds after impact, Little Bobby (he's really not little, he's 25, he's a cop) drove by the accident and said to his friend with him "look at that accident" then realized "hey, that's my Grandpa!" He turned around and came back to help Grandpa Bob get out of the van. The local Sheriff was now on the scene with Little Bobby. Our van was hit so hard it was knocked to the side of the road. The young lady's car had bounced back into the middle of the intersection from the impact. Everyone appeared to be OK but shaken up.

This screw sticking in the tire is from her car

As soon as we got Grandpa Bob in the house and sat him down, Mommy called the surgeon. Guess she's not too worried about her "work" because she has not called back yet!

The second call was to State Farm Insurance. Mommy was very impressed with their service. Within 2 hours the claim was filed and the van was flat-bedded out to the dealer.

So these are the up's and down's of life. This, we could do without!

Please remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors this weekend when you change your clocks.

Stay safe!

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. When it rains it pours! We are so glad to hear Grandpa Bob is okay. So was the 17 year old talking or texting? I would check the phone records and I bet she was.

    Millie & Walter

  2. OMD it is never dull at yours. Thank God Grandpa Bob was OK. Poor mum must have had a real fright AGAIN. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Glad everyone is okay and that the accident wasn't Grandpa Bob's fault! Hope everything is back to normal soon. ;)

  4. FURST we want to say how GLAD we are that Grandpa Bob is OKAY and that it was NOT his fault.
    Next we are sorry about the damage to your Van butt GLAD that your ins. co. was FAST TO ACT.
    AND now we want to say... ♫ Happy 89th Birfday to Grandpa Bob !♫

  5. Sorry to hear about the accident. Glad Grandpa Bob is ok.

  6. Oh my...well the best part is that Grandpa Bob is OK and that's all that really matters...Happy Birthday Grandpa Bob!

  7. oh dear, we are so glad that Grandpa Bob is okay. Cars can be fixed!! Take a big deep breath... We want to wish Grandpa Bob a very happy birthday :)

  8. Very glad that Grandpa Bob is OK. Give him a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Goose.

  9. We are so glad that Grandpa Bob is ok. Wow what a day. Happy Birthday to Grandpa Bob and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. I am SOOOO glad that Grandpa Bob is okay, and that it was not his fault. I am presently starting the "conversation" with my dad about driving.... what "a ball of wax" as you say!

  11. Oh dear, poor Mom, poor Grandpa Bob. But at least he didn't get hurt. We hope the big appointment goes well and the family can head to Florida.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

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  13. We too are glad Grandpa Bob is ok. Maybe, just maybe this will shake him into not wanting to drive anymore, I'm looking for the silver lining here.
    I hope your Florida homecoming stays on track.

    And last but not least, Wish Grandpa Bob a Happy Birthday from Bo, "Becky who?" and Christina too.

  14. I came to thank you for all the love and caring and prayers that you have been sending to me while I have been sick. I am still fighting to get better.
    Thank you too for all the love and prayers for my moms.
    I do not have words to tell you how you have touched our hearts, Thank you for all the love .
    your tweedles


  16. OMD so pleased Grandpa Bob is OK.. My Grandpa won't give up his wheels, he's 94. XXOXXX

    Mollie and Alfie

  17. Thank you Jesus Grandpa Bob is ok. My lord girl are going through the ringer! Something really good must be coming your way. :)

    Hugs and hanging in prayers coming your way :)

  18. We're keeping your grandpa in our thoughts and prayers, and sending lotsa woofs & huggies your way! <3

    ~Bailey & Nala (Yep, we're girls!)

  19. I read this the other day, but then had to run before commenting. My heart sunk to my stomach when I was reading that Grandpa Bob was not home when he should have been... then it came up to my throat when you said he was in an accident... but then WHEW! - he was okay! Good grief girl, what a scare! SO glad he was okay! Sorry about the van, but that can be fixed. Glad it wasn't his fault, but still really scary.
    I hope he really enjoyed his birthday party! Very Happy (late) Birthday to him!! Still keeping all of you in our thoughts... prayers that everything smooths out so you can head back to Florida real soon.


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