Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pondering the Choices

We feel bad when we can't always get to leaves messages for our furends on their blog's but we do stop by every (very early)  morning while Mommy has her coffee. Most mornings I, Lily Belle, get up with Mom and lay on the couch right next to her and she reads all the news to me. Mommy doesn't sleep well to start with and with all that has been going on here with Grandpa Bob and his health, her sleeping is even worse.

We know that when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. We have so much lemonade around here these days that Muffin and I are thinking about opening up a stand out in front of our house.

Our dishwasher that was only 7 years old and was here when we bought the house 5 years ago, well it crapped out on us. We had the man here twice to look at it and he said there was nothing wrong with it and could not explain why it didn't clean the dishes. Thank you Sears. You were most helpful! So Daddy decided that since Mom's birthday is less than a month away, he bought her a new one. We told her she should have told Daddy that her diamonds were broke. The nice installer was here this morning with her gift. And no, we did NOT buy it from Sears.

Mommy's broken tooth is partially fixed. Her new tooth will be installed next Friday. Mommy still thinks a crown on her head would have been much better than one in her mouth. As much as she HATES going to the Dentist, she did really well and we are proud of her. She came home and only had to take one Xanax instead of two. ha ha ha ha ha.....

Mommy was able to get Grandpa's Colonoscopy rescheduled for October 1st. Hopefully we can put all those issues behind us (no pun intended.)

Now yesterday was a BIG day for Grandpa Bob. All his tests results were in and it was time to talk to the Surgeon again about his aneurysm. Mommy was really happy for a change that her Brother Bob went to the appointment with them. She said she is just gonna sit back, listen and let someone else make all the decisions this time. And that's exactly what she did!

The Surgeon said after reviewing the test results, they are willing to go ahead with the surgery but it would not be without great risk.

First off, they are not even sure they are able to repair the already stented aneurysm. In a good case scenario if they couldn't reach it from going in through the groin, they would then open you up and repair it that way. But because of Grandpa's not so good health, that is NOT an option. She said he would never survive that surgery. So if they can't repair it "the easy way" it will not be repaired. They of course, are still very concerned about his bad breathing. Again, being intubated at his age and in his condition is not a wise decision. She said that intubation will be only done as a last resort should it be required. And we know all the risks associated with that.

There is no easy answer when it comes to having an aneurysm. He could do nothing and just let it be. The growth rate would be about 2% per year. Because it is already very large, 2% a year is a BIG deal. If it were to rupture you have about 5 minutes of excruciating pain before you die. It could also just grow and never rupture. It could also rupture during surgery. Geez!

(He also has a 2nd large bulge that can never be repaired. That's the one that would cut off all the blood supply to his lower body.)

There are no easy or simple solutions for Grandpa Bob. When they asked the Surgeon what would she do if this were her Dad, she said it's 50/50 and all boils down to personal choices. Either way there is risk.

So Mommy sat there and listened to Grandpa Bob and Brother Bob talk and discuss it all. To Mommy, there is no right or wrong choice when the odds pretty much suck either way. They decided that the best option was to go ahead with the surgery. Grandpa Bob is now scheduled for surgery on October 10th.

Life is what it is and our outcome in life is NOT in OUR hands! Mommy learned this lesson the hard way as Grandma lay dying in her arms. Mommy knows all about having to make difficult decisions in life; even when that life is not your own.

Mommy has said many, many times "until you've walked that last mile in my shoes, you have no right to tell me how I should feel." After all these years, Brother Bob wants to be involved; Mommy said be my guest. She gladly steps aside. Better put on your big boy pants buster!

Our Mommy is one of the most loving woman in the world without a doubt! She has done so much for both Grandma and Grandpa and 4 other family members that she has taken care of, it's amazing that she is still sane. But one can reach a breaking point.

It's time now for her to let her heart try and heal a little. Let the BIG decisions rest on someone else's shoulders for a change. Mommy is at peace with her decision.

We continue to pray that all goes well and that Grandpa Bob will be with us for many more years.

Lily Belle & Muffin

P.S. We are not making any plans to return to Florida at this time.


  1. we are sending our thoughts and prayers to your wonderful Mom and ((((hugs)))) to

  2. Your momma is incredible! Tell her we send her love and lots of Doxie kisses.

    Mom's great grandma once told her something that's stuck with Mom for life" "you can't control life, but you can control how you take what's thrown at you and how much it affects you, and whether that affect is positive or negative." That got Mom through a really tough time in her life.

  3. Mommy prays for your Mommy and your family. We understand if you don't comment and you shouldn't worry about that. We know that you have lots on your great big huge plate(it must be like 87 million times big)right now and we just hope that you are hanging in there and taking it as it comes. I am sending hugs and magic bubbles to fill you up so that you feel all warm and happy for a while. Thank you for all the updates and we will keep visiting to learn what else is going on. We love you!!!

    Anne and Sasha

  4. Your Mommy is one very special lady. Our prayers and comforting thoughts and crossed paws are all going out to her and Grandpa Bob. Just remember you're very much loved and thought about.


  5. I'm tearing up over here, because I know how it feels to be at that breaking point. A person can only take so much. My heart aches for your momma.
    It sounds like Grandpa Bob is in a very precarious position. I pray, pray, pray that his surgery goes well. And I pray for peace and strength for your momma. I know you and Muffin are right by her side no matter what. She depends on you two for lovins', so always be generous with them (I know you are!)

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Many hugs,
    Pam & The Wieners

  6. We understand if you can't comment . . . you have a lot going on and we are sending love and hope to Grandpa Bob. Our dishwasher also isn't working and Lady and Man are getting one for Christmas . . . the broken one is also from Sears and they are not getting another (it is only 5 years old and came with their house). Thinking of you! Lee and Phod

  7. Let's hope that brother Bob keeps up with helping make some of the decisions for Grandpa Bob. We will keep our paws crossed for all of you.

    Millie and Walter

  8. I am glad that brother Bob is playing a role. I hope that your mom can rest and try to relax with the decisions made. Tough decisions... but it sounds as if everyone is on the same page. Give your mom lots of hugs, okay?

  9. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. Just the worst thing in life. Let brother Bob step up to the plate for once mum. We bet it won't last but we hope we are wrong. You are the kindest of people and trust one who knows in the end you will sleep the sleep of those in peace with themselves for their actions and deeds done. For in the future there will be no need for recriminations and regret unlike some. Bless you and take a breather. Our love and hugs. Try and stay strong.
    Best wishes Molly
    & no worries we see you when we see.

  10. Oh boy! There are a lot of lemons going on over there. We hope everything is ok. Maybe you can sell lemon pies too
    Benny & Lily

  11. Oh please don't worry about commenting, that is the last thing that should be on your mind. There aren't any words are there in times like these. Please know that we are all praying for your family and that all goes well. Over the summer Dad had his surgery and although not as serious it still had its complications, and now he is ready to have his last one. Its very hard to see your parents in a position of you taking care of them, its hard for them and you. If you need anything do not every hesitate to ask.
    Stella Rose's Momma

  12. Well done mum. Sometimes we all need help (and from the sounds of things, you needed it long ago from brother Bob!). We'll keep Grandpa Bob in our thoughts and hearts. It is such an emotional time caring for parents. The hardest but most rewarding thing in the world. We are proud of you because as you know (and our mum experienced it too), not everyone in a family steps up to the plate when the going gets tough. Take care everybuddy. No worries, and LOVE, Stella and Rory

  13. Lily Belle and Muffin bless your precious Mom's heart. We 100% know what she is Mom has been making way too many decisions of late too. I guess the good only child her word is final....I guess the bad is my is an only child and she is VERY VERY VERY bad about 2nd guessing herself. She truly understands your Mom's sleepless nights as she has them too.
    Maybe our moms need to get headsets so they can talk to each other at night. LOL
    We send you all a ton of hugs and purrs and will keep you in our thoughts.
    Madi your bfff and Mom

    There is an estate sale going on at my G-peeps house today and tomorrow...

  14. You just made me crave lemonade :)

  15. Wow Kim ....I don't know how I missed this post. I'm with you girl all the way. You let that heart mend. Quietness and confidence shall be your strength. I love that scripture it's Isaiah 30:15

  16. Please don't worry about commenting! We ALL understand how nearly impossible it is to keep up with our lives let alone commenting!! Keep your chin and spirits up! All these challenges will hopefully eventually ease up. Try to get a good night's rest in when you can...maybe some warm milk before bed?


    the critters in the cottage xo

  17. Life is tough enjoy the here and now and we'll keep y'all in our prayers.

    Aroo to you,

  18. What a great visit and you are all looking so happy ...we sure do miss seeing you as often though

  19. I am so sorry to hear you are going through all of this. Know that we are thinking about you and sending lots of hugs your way.

  20. Oh my gosh, your mommy is a saint. We are sending you lots of prayers!

    Your pal, Pip

  21. I think you need some Vodka to go with all that lemonade.... and lots of it. If there is anything I can do for you down here let me know.

    Me and Bo


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