Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Life around HERE

We finally are getting summer weather around NY. The rain has stopped butt the humidity is horrible. It just makes our fur stand up on end. It's also VERY hot!

We really should try and fry an egg outside. Mommy decided to bring out the pool for us.

I'm waiting for the water to warm up
It only took an hour with this weather for the pool to be the pawfect temperature.

I enjoyed getting my paws and belly wet!

Mommy put Muffin in the pool and this was the result. She hopped out so fast we couldn't get a picture of her in there.

In the end, Mommy enjoyed it very much.

The other day we had to have Uncle Bob and his chain saw come over to help us with a tree.

We had so much rain in June (almost every day) and also in July that this ol'e tree was bending over from being so wet. The top of the tree (which you don't see on the left) was hanging down so low it almost was touching the ground. It was also smashing down on our flowers and trellis. Mommy trimmed what she could by hand the other day.

Sorry Mr. Tree, but it's time for you to be trimmed.

Of course, I got to supervise from a safe distance. I was less than pleased that my little buddy (below) stood right there and watched the whole thing. Mommy was really surprised that he didn't move or run from the noise. Guess he wanted to know what we were going to do with all the good vegetation that we cut down.

Don't worry little buddy, we're gonna leave it in the back for you.

After that adventure, Mommy decided we needed a good bath. Dang you woman! We NEVER should have bought you that big sink last year.

Now we've lost all our stinky scent. We worked really hard to smell that way!

And you can't furget all the hard work we've been doing hiding our Benny's Buddy jar from Grandpa Bob!

And speaking of Grandpa Bob, he's been catching up on all his MANY Dr's appointments. We found out he has low iron so Mommy just made him an appointment with the dry cleaners. Tee~hee~hee!
Mommy and Daddy took Grandpa Bob to the local Car Show. He really enjoyed checking out the old cars and listening to the oldies music.


Tonight for dinner we're going to harvest some Sweet 100's (tomato's) from our 8' plant and some fresh lettuce from our little bucket garden. Oh, that's gonna be soooo tasty!

Well furends, that's just a few of the things that we've been doing around here.  We all keep Mommy on her toes.

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. You guys have been really busy!! That car show looks like fun and I am sorry about the bath. Dang it indeed!!

  2. You guys are so brave with the pool. We are not fans of the water.

  3. One of mom's best memories as a kid was her grandpa and grandma taking her to an event called the old threshers reunion where there was tons and tons of old cars tractors etc...she may not have appreciated seeing those things but she loved the time spent together, now she takes her grandkids, wowzer that tomoto is giant, as in huge...our dad needs to come over to your house and learn your secrets on growing vegetables that actually produce fOOD! Poor Dad. Dad is home with us today so we want him to put up the hippo pool we are not sure he will...maybe we will just come over naked and play in your's.
    stella rose

  4. Lily Belle and Muffin your TOMATO PLANT is HOOOOOOOGE... You are LUCKY that the tree trimmer guy didn't WHACK THAT off thinking it was a TREE!! OMD your furend John the Deers stayed there while all that was going on??? THAT is stunning.

    You could give Grandpa Bob all the Brussel Sprouts and the Broccoli and that would give him some IRON CLAD Pharrrrrts.
    Just Kiddin.. We hope he gets his Iron Level up quickly, though.

    OMD he must have adored that car show. You know WE kinda LOVE GrandPa Bob... and we are sorta Rootin fur him to find the m&m's. Just sayin.
    WOW your POOL looks GRRRRRREAT. So REFRESHING. BUTT WHY OH WHY did you let your mom put her paws in there? She should get her OWN pool. We been Bobbin fur Snacks to help keep US cool. You two could BOB FUR TOES... THAT would be Super FUN!!! BaaaaWaaaah

  5. LOL dry cleaners... you crack us up. Stay cool and enjoy the pool and your harvest. It is hot here too. We are just chillaxing. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow guys, that was quite a post! We always love all your pictures! Mama forgets to take pictures of everything. It's super hot here too, but we haven't tried a pool yet. We don't like baths, so Mama doesn't know if we'd like a pool or not. Can't hurt to try! Speaking of baths, you have a perfect sink for it! Mama's jealous of it. And of your lovely deck. And the beautiful foliage around your house. And your deer. Wait... can we just move in with you?

  7. Isn't this heat awful?!! Millie is such a kook that she just walks out to the sunniest part of the lawn and lays down. When she comes in her fur is burning hot, but she seems to like it. We haven't gotten a pool yet but Walter LOVES playing with the hose as you have seen.

    Stay cool.

    Millie & Walter

  8. WOW that is a GREAT tomato plant! We had one about that size, but we got so much rain it died. :(

  9. Boy, you guys have been busy, oh such a cool pool, we loves ours, come on down and try out the 100's. Glad Grandpa Bob is getting around OK, you guys say cool, OK

    The Mad Scots

  10. Taking Grandpa to the cleaners to be ironed?! BOL!!

  11. Oh, that pool is really cool!!! I don't likes water myself, butts you gurls make it look so refreshin'!!
    Yea Uncle Bob!!!! Nice work with that chain saw! And good work Lily snoopervisin'! (what would they do without you??!)
    I hopes your Gpa gets his iron levels up! (dry cleaners...l.o.l.)
    Oh, Ma has those self watering garden thingies!!! They really do let the plants grow REAL big!! She hasn't planted any this year though. *sniff, sniff*
    Great update!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Hey Lily!
    Wow, I agree, it's been hot hot hot here too! I'd love to join you in your cool pool, but I'll skip that bath. BOL I get the chuckles about hiding that M&M jar. BWAR HAR HAR Hey, I see a deer...I have those too. Great pix of her!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Its very hot here too. I am not so big on the pool thing either. I can't believe you had to have a bath. You were in the pool, wasn't that good enough?? I hope your tomatoes were yummy.

    Loveys Sasha

  14. We HATE humidity! But we think frying an egg outside on the deck right where you can get it when it's done would be a fantastic idea. Get working on it!

    Love that little worried deer. It's not staking out your place for the M&Ms is s/he?

  15. WOW you sure have a lot going on. How cool the deer stood there and watched.

  16. It's humid here too and that's unusual. We are still laughing about Grampy and Benny's jar
    Benny & Lily

  17. I've heard from my friends how hot it is there. The pool is an awesome idea! Ah, and home-grown tomatoes. We can't grow them here (it's not warm enough without a greenhouse) so I am VERY jealous!

    PS Sorry about the sink but at least the water is warm, right?

  18. OMDoxies you two have been busy than bees in the summer.
    Tell your mom she has pretty toes!!! Mom loves red polish!
    She cracked a funny about low iron!!!
    Good thinking on taking the tree limb down before it fell on something.
    Guess what girls....I have my Senior Wellness Check up at 3:30 today!! Mom has been counting my kibbles in hopes that my waistline has been maintained at 11.25 or lower. Last year the Doc said my ideal weight was no higher than 11.
    Whew!! Sweating bullets here!
    Hugs madi your bFFF


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