Saturday, May 11, 2013


It doesn't happen often around our house, but last night I did something really, really bad.

Don't you find it hard to believe that someone as cute as me could get into lot's and lot's of trouble?

Mommy said it's definitely NOT the terrible 2's because I'm 9. So she's blaming it all on Doxie Menopause.
So let me tell you what happened....
Mommy gave Muffin and I some really yummy bones last night. Now that's not unusual because every night around 8pm we get a special little treat. Now, when I'm at our house in New York I will take my bone and walk around for 87 hours with the bone in my mouth crying while I find the perfect place to stash it. I just never end up finding that perfect spot, so I end up eating it. But I always have to try.
I have NEVER and let me repeat again, NEVER tried to do that here in Florida. I ALWAYS eat it right away. Don't ask me why bcuz I don't know. I just ALWAYS have to munch on it immediately.
Well NOT last night!
Mommy and Daddy were watching TV and Mommy heard this funny noise coming from the bathroom. Mommy giggled and said I can't believe Lily is trying to hide her bone! She's NEVER done that here.
Well Mommy I guess you should have gotten up off your ass butt and checked it out as soon as you heard the noise butt NOOOOOO! You kept on watching TV with Daddy. Didn't you think you should have checked on me when the noise didn't stop? Guess that was YOUR mistake.
After the "oh so important show" was over, Mommy got up to take a look.
OK Mommy, so what's your point! Yes, I knocked over the garbage pail. No harm there! Then I rummaged thru the dirty clothes against the wall. For goodness sakes Mommy, why were they NOT in the laundry hamper? Like that's MY fault? Then I admit, I took all the towels off the bottom rack of the wooden towel holder/shelf thingy. Get over it girlfriend!
When Mommy went to put the towels back on the rack, guess what she saw?
Holy Guacamole, am I busted or what? After I moved the towels off the bottom shelf because I wanted to hide my bone back there, I dropped my bone between the slats and just had to find a way to get it out. My bone was in prison under there. I panicked and didn't know what to do. So I started to dig at the carpet on the back wall and started tearing it to shreds. Well, that didn't work.  The only way I could figure was to chew it out. So I started biting and biting and biting and chewing and chewing and chewing. Whew, that was a lot of hard work but I finally got it! Just look at all those teeth marks ~ Yup, pretty damn proud.  I'm a HERO and saved my bone!
Mommy just about pee'd her pants seeing this. Daddy was yelling at me and I think I even heard Grandma saying a few choice words from the great beyond.
The moral to the story is even HERO'S get in trouble every now and then.
Doxie menopause go figure.....
You may not see me blog for a while because I think I'm gonna be in the dog house for a long time.
Lily Belle


  1. Howdy Lily, mum says she fully supports your case. She says the Men Oh Paws is to blame for many unexplained behaviours. Also if you were given a BIGGER bone then it wouldn't have got stuck between the wooden slats. Totally not your fault girlfriend!! Take care little mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  2. Woa! I say you are a hero! You gt tht bone out of that tight spot. Never mind that you put your bone in that tight spot to begin with! BOL! Hope you be out of the dog house soon.

  3. OMD Lily that is the best episode of Bone Rescue ever. I mean what were you supposed to do? Yikes can't a superhero get on with their impawtant rescues without the humans sticking there noses where it is not wanted? Methinks it is mums' fault for not moving her butt quick enough when you ASKED for help. Tutt tutt you just can't get the staff these days. Have a superhero Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. PS if in doubt blame it on the SQUIRRELS!

  5. So So not your fault. You are a hero, of that there is no doubt. Just ask the bone. I mean if the peeps would have come when you were calling out, this would not have happened. Not GUILTY.

  6. I can't believe your mom is blaming you for the broken shelf. I guess you guys should come north soon so it doesn't happen again. Love you lots.


  7. Lily Belle, you are our heroine! We get into the trash here and WHN hates the mes we make (but she makes Dad clean it up!)

    We think that Stella is right- the only fix is for you to have a bigger bone!

  8. YOU RESCUED YOUR BONE !! THAT is the impawtant thingy. RIGHT?? Wimmen just do NOT get it. You HAD to do it.. A Bone can NOT remain in Jail. I am giving you a Get Outta the Dawghouse FREE pass.
    PeeS... Sarge in in the Dawghouse TOO... Do you think that Guys get the Men O Paws, Too? Just sayin.

  9. Yay, you saved your bone!! Too bad that pesky carpet was in the way...! I mean really, who has carpet in their bathroom? Tell Mom it's time for tile... ;)

    Elyse and Riley

  10. Ruh Roh. Well, I say if your Moms was sooooo worried abouts her stuffs, she would have come RIGHT away when you were OBVIOUSLY tellin' her your bone was in troubles!! Did she??? NO! So..NOT your fault.
    (oh, BTW, good work there gurl!!! I don't thinks I could have done any betters!! BOL)

  11. Lily Belle bless your sweet little Doxie heart. I'm stunned speechless and appalled that you were blamed for well Just being a frugal Doxie!
    MOL MOL MOL. Oh dear me never fear BFFF I'll send you a secret stash of bones and a nail file.
    Hugs and remember Madi loves you no matter what you do

  12. Well, we think you're VERY BRAVE! AND determined. You aren't going to leave YOUR bone in distress! Humans just don't understand. We hope this doesn't curtail your bone privileges in future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  13. Lily Belle, you were doing what was best for you at that moment. I will send you some emergency treats until Mommy calms down. Maybe you could make her breakfast in bed tomorrow for Mommies Day and she might forget. Good luck my sweet pal, I am on your side.

    Happy Mommies Day to your Mom

    Loveys Sasha

    p.s. I do that exact same thing when I get a bone or a greeny, I walk around with it in my mouth and whine and cry trying to find a spot for it and then I eat it anyway. It is perfectly normal right???

  14. You're so brave! Well done, girlfriend.

  15. Congratulations Lily. What is a girl suppose to do when she has nice juicy bone and no place to hide it. I say "Good Job"!!! I bet next time Mom and Dad hear a noise they will come running. "Shame on Mom and Dad". So glad you and Muffin are up and around and doing so well. We had thunderstorms yesterday so I suppose you are probably having them today; however where I live we are always happy to get some rain. Mom finished my special screened in walkway. So for I have just looked at it and turn around and come back inside. About this lizard girls "CHASE IT AND CATCH IT" lizards are so much fun. Have a good evening pretty girls. lol Herbie

  16. Whoa! That is some major damage, I haven't seen anything like that since I was a puppy and you're 9! But, you made mom feel better 'cause I carry treats around trying to bury them, everywhere: under the bed pillows, in the couch, my bed, under furniture. So mom thinks this must be a Doxie thing? She thought she broke the habit by not giving me rawhides, and large treats just Nylabones. But I still try to bury a treat now and then, to save it for later, right? Love Dolly

  17. Lily! I think you are very brave to save your bone especially when you did MAKE SOUNDS during the rescue mission!

    Thanks so much for stopping by Matt Ziselman's to leave a note. And thanks for the suggestion to read A DOG'S PURPOSE. It's on Mom's list! Have you read THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN? Love that book, too.

    Safe travels back to the city!

    Tootsie and her mom

  18. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable course of action to me. If a bone gets stuck, and a human isn't around to help out, you have to take matters into your own paws, right? Hope you're not grounded for eleventy-seven years.

    your pal,

  19. Lily Belle! My goodness you're strong! Now, don't go blaming your mama for something you did. Your mistake was not putting the towels back. Marley's busted for jumping on the sofa when he doesn't replace the pillows! I miss your friend. I can't wait to get home and see him. SOON!

  20. Hi Lily Belle and Muffin! I just found your blog recently and I just love you two! Great job tearing up that rack! I mean, ummm, what a mess you made... yeah... you're in trouble! Nah, I'll send you a treat for all your hard work.
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I've nominated you for a Super Sweet Blogging Award! You can see it and the other nominees here:


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