Friday, March 15, 2013

Need Help

I had to rush Lily to the Vet's this afternoon. The past few days she has not been herself. Today was the icing on the cake. She was very lathargic and I was having trouble waking her up. Her eyes are all bloodshot.

After running all types of blood work, urine, poop tests, etc. she has a urinary tract infection. Her Dr. (the cutie pie) put her on an antibiotic, a probiotic and an anti diarreah medicine. He said the bloodshot eyes are from having a fever. She is NOT dehydrated.

He originally took one look at her and said "wow, she's sick!" That's how bad she looks.

Has anyone dealt with this type of infection before?

Have you seen these symptoms?

Right now she looks like death warmed over and it's scaring the shit out of me!

Of course if she appears any worse (which I can't imagine there IS worse) I will rush her back in immediately.

Any info would be helpful.



  1. Oh no! Poor Lily! I'm no vet, but those symptoms really don't sound like a UTI to me. I know you said they ran blood test, but could she have gotten into anything poisonous? Is she eating and drinking normally?

    You could join to dog forum I moderate and ask questions in the health section. There's some very knowledgable people on there (serval vets) who might be able to help you. The URL is:
    Nola's Mom

  2. We don't know much more to tell you but the antibiotics should kick in by tomorrow. All paws crossed for Lily to be OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning and Mom

    1. Oh poor baby ...Kim we are praying. God's wisdom for the doctors and peace for your heart. I had a puppy with a uti that was that sick... But I would keep a close eye and if she seems one iota worse at any moment I would be right back to the vet. Please keep us posted...big hugs!

  3. I have no answers but Lily is in my prayers and Millie has her paws crossed real tight for her. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

    Cindy & Millie

  4. Oh No!! Lily I am saying prayers for you and for your mommy too. I don't have any advise to offer, wish I did. Get better girl.

  5. No clue, but we are so concened, We got all of our paws and toes crossed, give her our lovies, huggies & kissies

    Your worried Pals
    Susie & Bites

  6. Please get well Lily Belle! I am glad your mom rushed you to the vet's. Maybe the meds will make you all better by tomorrow. Prayers for you tonight!
    Jane and Sambo

  7. Kim, I'm worried about her. I've seen some UTI's in some of my dogs but usually one of the first symptoms I see is uncontrollable peeing. Lily's symptoms are all new to me with that kind of a diagnosis. Please stay in touch with me and let me know how she's doing.

  8. agree with the above. when ramsay had a uti, he just peed ALOT - it was as if we had never potty-trained him! he would be in the middle of playing or walking to another side of the room, and - SQUAT! hopefully it really is nothing more than a BAD UTI. i think the vet would have found something with all the tests you said were done. we'll be sending LOTS of prayers your way!

    -docsdox, NewMama, and ramsay-

  9. Oh noes! I did come across some info about K9 kidney and urinary tract infections, it might sound scarier than it needs to, but I think knowin what to look for might be important:
    Hopefully Lily will be feeling lots better by morning, and this will all be a bad memory.
    I'll keep all my paws and toes crossed for Lily!

  10. How worrying. We had one pup with a UTI, bit it was caught very early and the antibiotics did the trick quickly. We soooo hope she's better soon. Paws crossed.

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & roxy

  11. Howdy Lily's mum. We haven't had this with a dog before but one of our children had it and it knocked them rotten. She was quite young and it made her very ill. They also did an ultrasound on her kidneys to check they were ok. Hopefully after 24 hours on the antibiotics Lily will perk up. We'll keep fingers and paws crossed for your little sweetie. No worries, and love, Carol (and Stella and Rory)

  12. OMD we are sending good vibes and POTP. We hope Lily will pick up today and start getting better with the meds. Please please keep us posted on how she is doing. We have no idea what it could be? Our paws are crossed and we say a prayer for you all.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. We are crossing our kitteh paws for sweet Lily Belle! Healing purrs and purrayers headed your way. ((hugs))

  14. Poor Lily, we hope she is feeling better soon. We have had a lot of issues, but no UTIs. Lee and Phod

  15. OMD poor Lily Belle. Those Sound like the symptoms for UTI... except you did not say that she was Peeing a lot Or peeing in places that she normally does NOT... Not necessarily Inside.. ... OR that Perhaps she is trying to HOLD OFF peeing because it Burns.. THAT symptom is more difficult to notice..
    We have our paws crossed for Lily Belle.

  16. Wesa came from NOLA's. Our bubba, George Pooh Bear had a he has his final check up (4 months later) and his problem was a UTI and he was in PAIN...and those sound like the symptoms...he had crystals forming...Turns out, it was because wesa recently changed kibbles and that's what did it. So...we are on a better diet and now everything is good...those antibiotics after a few days sure made him feel better.

    Mama Mindy: I know how upset you must be as I was kicking myself for changing the food to try to get away from "grains" and then this happens to my baby boy. I am just glad we caught it in time and were able to get the crystals to dissolve with no complications.

    Prayers be with you and Lily Belle.

    Much Luvums,
    Mama Mindy & The Slimmer Puggums (George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi)

  17. BTW--I was on Blue Buffallo Wilderness when he had his UTI...and THAT was the culprit.

    He is now on Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free.

    -Mindy :)

  18. Poor Lily. Sending her lots and lots of doxie get well vibes.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  19. POTP headed our way! praying the medicines work quickly!

  20. Sorry, we have not seen this before.
    Poor baby, hope she is feeling better soon, the chi's and I send hugs to her.
    Lynne x

  21. Just saw Momma Mindy's comment about feeding Blue Buffalo... THAT is what we feed our boys.. and is the only food Ernie has ever had.. DRY KIBBLE WISE, that is. I have never heard of it causing a problem.. If you find out anything PLEASE let us ALL know. THIS is very troubling info about BB.

  22. Sending very stron rottie POTP to Miss Lily Belle. Hoping all those biotics kick that infection's butt!!

    -Bart, Ruby, and Otto

  23. I hope that Lily Belle is starting to show some signs of relief.

    I looked up Blue Buffalo and UTI's... It seems that in OCTOBER of 2010 there WAS a problem... with BB WILDERNESS formula... but they did a recall in Nov. 2010 and there does NOT seem to have been any problem with it since.

    My boys get two flavors... BB Life Protection Formulas... Chic. with Br. Rice and Fish with Br. Rice.. Both are for SMALL Breeds...

    I have heard MANY times that a sudden Change in Brands CAN and does cause difficulty. AND even a change within the Same Brand... like going from One Flavor to another... THAT is why I buy BOTH flavors... and MIX them TOGETHER.... in a large storage container... That way they get some of BOTH flavors.. and ingredients... I am interested in the Flavors... to keep them from getting bored.. and in the different ingredients... so that I am sure that they get everything that they need in their diet..

  24. So sorry to hear about this. I hope the meds work and you will be feeling good again. Paws crossed here.

    Jazzi and Addi

  25. I hope things are better today! Please let us know. We are thinking of you!

  26. Dear lawd, I just seen dis and girl you knows I has my special vibes goin' out to you to gets all betters!
    Of course I has had a UTI cuz I gets everything. I was in pain and I peed all da time but da antibiotics helped me within days. Da vet thinks I gottd mine from holdin' my pee though and not from my foodables.
    If you need us please email us.


  27. HI Lily
    Where hoping you start to feel better soon as it's never nice when your feeling not well.
    From Milo & Jet

  28. OMD OMD.... we just saw the update from Newby.... We were NOT expecting THIS to happen. PAWS CROSSED TIGHTLY and Pawsitive Powers FLOWING Full Force from our hill to Sweet LILY BELLE!!

  29. Miss Lily and family, we just heard da news from Newby and we is prayin' fur you and your family.
    Puuuuuuulease stay strong and get betters, we is pullin' fur sweet girl.


  30. Just saw the update from Newby. PLEASE know we're crossing all our paws and fingers and praying hard for you, sweet girl!
    Love you so much,
    Nola and Family

  31. Poor Lily!!! We will be praying for her!! I'm sure that was/is so super scary. This in top of your tough week :( I hope all the medicine helps her and update us ASAP!!

  32. We have all our paws crossed here, and we're sending good thoughts Lily's way!

  33. Hi Lily Belle!
    We aren't quite sure about why the Blue Buffalo caused it...but he had never had a UTI and all of a sudden out of "no where" except not no where as we started no-grain kibble Wilderness by Blue Buffalo. As soonl as we changed brands, it went away. Also, I researched it and some veterinarians are linking it to the Wilderness brand...
    I know that didn't help much but it is something I would suggest asking your vet about if it could be the culprit.
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy :)

  34. So far the bad news about Blue Buffalo is only on the Wilderness impact on its regular brands...just the one with the wolf-face on it.
    -Mama Mindy
    PS: Sorry to worry you Lana (Frankie & Ernie's mama)

  35. My paws are crossed and my mom is praying for you Lily!
    I am sure everything is going to be ok!
    We will be thinking of you
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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