Saturday, March 9, 2013


Karma: Described as cause and effect.....

Brother Bob changing the shredded tire on our spare van (that Mommy was nice enough to let them use.) They also broke a part of the the drivers seat. They had to cut their day short at the beach because of it. KARMA!

They expected my Daddy to get it fixed for them today so they could go back to the beach again. Daddy said forget it! KARMA! 

Mommy has been really sick and in bed for 4 days now. So Brother Bob thought that gave him the right to dump more dirty laundry off this morning for Mommy to do. It's still sitting there and will continue to sit there (unless the rat's come and carry it away bcuz it is really stinky.)  Won't they be in for a BIG surprise tonight when they get back from the pool. KARMA!

They didn't do one thing that Grandpa Bob had on his list to do with them. They only schlepped him around to thing's they wanted to do. Then they made Grandpa Bob pay for it all too. It really is breaking Mommy's heart to see this all happen before her eyes. There is nothing she can do about it either. Brother Bob has already told her many times it's NOT his job to "babysit." And when she tries to talk to him about it she is told to "stick it where the sun don't shine" except Brother Bob doesn't say it like that. He uses very fowl HBO words! And go figure, he's a pretty big-wig business executive too! You would think he would know how to treat people properly.

They also complained about our friends place that we arranged for them to stay in for FREE! Said it's not good enough for them and won't be staying there again. Their 21 year old daughter (aka the princess) is also really grossed out by the bat's at night ~ KARMA! (Guess that means we won't ever see them here in FL again ~ That's a relief.)

Muffin and I get so nervous when they are here bcuz they don't like us much either. We run and hide until they are gone.

So do we believe in Karma? You bet we do! Guess that's what happens when you treat "our" family like we're lower than dirt!

My Mommy is a kind and very loving person and treats everyone with respect. (Grandma taught her right!). But the day my Grandma died, the respect between brother and sister went out the window. He has no respect at all for what Mommy has done and continues to do.

Mommy (and Daddy too) has given up a good part of her life to take care of Grandpa Bob and it has been difficult for all involved. Being a care giver (in our situation) means you give up dinner with friends because you can't leave Grandpa Bob alone for too long. You give up alot of your privacy because Grandpa Bob  seeks you out for company. You give up quiet time with your husband, or even a simple breakfast together. Weekly 'date nites' are no longer. A quick trip to the grocery store doesn't happen unless someone is home with Grandpa.

We all try to make the best of it because we are family. Family is what is important. Because they don't choose to be a part of "our" family, we try to ignore them as much as possible. All we can say is that it's their loss. And you know what they say about losses? You cut them and move on. And that's what we will continue to do. It's the only way we know how to deal with this miserable situation.

We're not looking for sympathy here furends, that's just not our style. Mommy started blogging when I ruptured my disc and used it for stress relief and it has worked wonders for that. So consider this our stress relief for today.

Don't worry, the stinky fish are leaving tomorrow. Hallelujah!

Hopefully, Mommy can finally get healthy once they leave. We need her back in tip top shape and smiling once again.

Lily Belle

Thanks for listening! We love you one and all.


  1. Well it's a good thing thats not taking place with my Dad, he may be 65 but he sure would kick some tail out the door and the lanudry would be dumped in the street, no scattered in the street. Mam some people are just real jerks, even if you call them family.
    So sorry you guys have to suffer!

    Your Pals
    Susie & bites

  2. Oh Lily & Muffin *hugs*I hope your momz stress is ooozing out and peace is streaming back into your home and your lives...remember you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but family you're just stuck with (humor helps too) Practice your pageant waves so you can say "Buh-bye Bob"

  3. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well on top of all this stress, but glad to hear that they are leaving soon. My brother is as much if not more of an a**hole and spends most of his time visiting other people instead of with my parents when he comes to visit (and stays in their house). Grandpa Bob sure is lucky to have such a devoted daughter and I'm sure he loves you for it.


  4. WE are glad that they are leaving. So sorry that you all had a bad time of it. AND we are GLAD that you have a good SAFE PLACE to be able to TELL IT LIKE IT IS !!! WE are all in YOUR Corner...
    Our mom's brother was pretty much like that too. All TAKE and NO GIVE. So she totally understands.

  5. We are always here for you! WE could adopt your Mom, Dad and Grandpa Bob, since WHN can't cook! It would be a tadeooff- good food for ???? >

  6. Tell you what the old saying is true , where there is a will there is a relative! So sorry and we are angry on your behalf. My sis and me cared for our mum since we were seven. We never stopped, never. We had our ups and downs but we were there because yes we are family. Our dad died when we were 7 & 8. Long story. We still look after each other. Let them take their stinky laundry home with their stinky attitude. Yours very angry on your behalf of suburbia. Molly says on behalf of Lily & Muffin and you all she is cyber biting their big fat butts. Trust me in the end and we know your conscious will be clear and you will be at peace. Just be strong. What goes around comes around. Bless you we know how hard it is.
    Terezia Molly & Pippin

  7. I bet your mom is sick because of all this crap. Yes I said it, crap. Don't do the laundry, don't do it! We think your mom and dad are great for caring for Grandpa Bob like they do. There is a lot of love in your house and for those, even if they are family, can't see it, enjoy it, and add to it, then it is their great loss. You are much loved by us. You can de-stress anytime. We are here.

  8. This has been just awful fur your pawrents and Grandpa Bob. I really think you guys should pee in Brother Bob's shoes and poop in their suitcase before they leave....and bury it so they won't find it until later.....a departure gift from the family! {I's a mean little devil, isn't I}

    Now make sure you take good care of Mommy so she can kick up her heels when they leave.

  9. Howdy Mates, this makes us so sad and mad cause some people are family but they are total bums!! Our mum has had very similar problems but with a sister. Now our Nana and Poppa have passed we don't even bother with her anymore and can even feel sorry for her cause she missed out on a whole lot of love and time that she could have spent with them but chose not to! Her loss! Don't do the stinky washing! Hope your mum feels better soon and we send her hugs cause she is a wonderful daughter! No worries (especially when the bums go home) and love, Stella and Rory

  10. Oh family problems and ungrateful human siblings: We know all about these. That's why our unconditional love are so important.

  11. Your Mom isn't going to change it, so just make it VERY uncomfortable for them so they leave and stay away. Maybe one day to old lessons will come to the surface; but we're afraid that selfishness just stays.

    Glad their tyre broke.....and they have to take dirty laundry home.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Oh no! Hope your Momma is feeling better. And no worries about the venting either, it's all good. The blogging family is here to listen!

  13. I sure hope your Momma feels better soon! Grr, let me at those brats! I'll give them a piece of my mind, you can be sure!
    Love ya,

  14. My dear Lily, stay clear of those big ungrateful feet and take care of your mom. It may not all be smooth sailing as you care for aging parents, but you will never regret it. You get the blessing. Your brother and his family are missing out. Don't let your mom waste negative energy. I think she needs some extra licks.

  15. I am happy to listen and I am sad for you. I will be so glad for you when this is all over and at least you can get back to normal again. Please accept hugs from me and pass them on to your Mom, she needs them real bad. I am gonna send a fresh batch of magic bubbles all full of happiness right now. Mommy has family like that and she understands big time.

    Loveys Sasha

  16. Lily!
    I can't believe how they have behaved! You are so right.... KARMA!
    Your mom sure has the patience of a saint! I know my mom would not be so nice if she were in that situation!
    Thankfully it is almost time for them to go away...
    I hope everything goes back to normal soon so you all can devote your time and energy on what is really important to you.
    Paws crossed here for all of you
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Our momma would be screaming by now
    Benny & Lily

  18. Awwwww tell your Mommy to get well quick. And anytime you guys need to vent we are always here...the beauty of a blogvile family :) hugs to you all except... the stinky fish family that

  19. Your mom is great! So glad you guys have an outlet where we can all say...KEEP IT UP! Grandpa Bob is so lucky and glad to have you guys. What a terrible example your uncle is setting for his kids. What does he expect to happen when he's old?


  20. We thinks your momma is sick cos she is breathing in the bad air that has arrived at your house, so once they are gone she will feel better. Remember what goes around comes around, and we believe in the Karma thing are blessed to have grandpa bob and he to have you. When all is said and done you will look back on the memories and be so grateful to have them.
    stella rose , mags and momma

  21. I am so sorry you are going through this ...Grandpa Bob is so lucky to have your mom!

    We definitely believe in karma!!

    Your pal, Pip

  22. Darn, I hope it's not karma but blogger just ate my comment. I'll keep this one short. I am so so sorry that this is happening. It's horrible, and it's not just Grandpa's loss but your brother's loss too.

  23. Hope you situation gets better soon. Hang in there. Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving sweet words after Princess' journey to the Bridge. ((Hugs)) from all of us at Prancer Pie.

  24. Lily Belle and Muffin...OMDs to quote mom's favorite line from Grease. The Pink Ladies were trying to console Sandy about Danny being a dog...
    one of them said 'Danny is lower than a flea on an ameoba"!! So we say the same about bro bob. You are right to cut your losses...the princess is seeing how he treats his Dad and one day she'll treat him the same way.
    AMEN to the blog being a stress reliever. Mom says when she can get into my world and be a little whacky it is better than any medicine!!
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  25. Oh no :( Now you are sick on top of everything else!! I'm sure once this stress gets out of your life you will start to get better. Hang in there!!

  26. We don't know much about karma but we do know geese. We have talked to our geese friends and they are going to deliver a big poop on you award to everyone who has hurt your Grandpa. Nothing says karma like poop from the sky.


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