Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Itchy, Bitchie, Crash, Bang, Boom

So much has been happening here on our end we don't know where to start.

First Mommy said to thank everyone for their kind comments about her bird pictures. She promises to do a post all about her beautiful Painted Bunting and her new camera lens when she can find a free moment.

I've got my 'welcome to Florida' bacterial infection again. I've got lumps all over my little body and holy guacamole do they itch! We went to the Vet on Monday afternoon and I have to now take antibiotics and steroids for my "condition." I have way more bumps this time than I did last season. Thank goodness Mommy and daddy are really good belly rubbers.

At least this time I don't have to (yet) be bathed with that special shampoo.

Anyways, since I wasn't feeling too well, Mommy said that she was going to stay home with me on Monday night and that Daddy could go play BINGO with their friends Jack and Debbie.

So Daddy drives and they all go out for a nice dinner. On the way from dinner to the BINGO place, Daddy gets rear-ended at a stop light. Apparently the driver in the pick up truck behind Daddy wasn't paying any attention and slammed into the back of our van. Thank goodness everyone for the most part is OK. Daddy and Debbie were shaken up and Jack bit his tongue. Bit his tongue?? What was Jack doing... Licking the dash board? They exhanged info with the other driver and Mommy told them to then report the accident at the Police Station. Thankfully Daddy thought to write down the mans license place number because when Daddy looked at the piece of paper the man handed him, all it had was his first name and a phone number. They were all shaken so badly they didn't even think to take any pictures with their smart phones or get insurance info.

Well, Mommy thanks God that they are fine. That's the important thing!!

 But for the past two days Mommy has had a very hard time getting ahold of the other driver and when she did talk to him, he would NOT provide her with any of his information. He just kept telling Mommy that there was hardly any damage to our van and that he has a friend who has a repair shop that could take care of it. Mommy wasn't buying any of it. Hey, she may have been born at night, but not LAST night!

They took the car to the repair shop this afternoon to talk to them about it. We thought the damage was mostly to the bumper but the repair man pointed out a dent in the tailgate that we didn't even notice. He said that the bumper took the brunt of the hit and that the "impact something" inside the bumper did its job. It could have been so much worse.

So from there they went to speak to their insurance agent.  Before they went in Mommy called the man one more time and low and behold he answered the phone. He has been very invasive and Mommy by this point is pissed. She told him that if he didn't report the accident to his insurance company today she was going to the police to report him as a hit and run.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Well, an hour and a half later his insurance company calls Mommy and said everything will be taken care of for her. Rock on Mommy!

On a different note, Grandpa Bob came home last night and Muffin and I were excited to see him again.

At 7pm we talked to Grandpa to remind him it was time for him to get us our evening treat. But he just kept looking at us like we were aliens. He was ONLY gone 3 weeks, how could he forget that he is our Evening Treat Man. Oh Grandpa Bob....

He said he had a good time but was happy to be back with us again. Uncle Bob said Grandpa was fine the entire time and had no problems at all. Come to find out from Grandpa that wasn't quite true.

Grandpa took a hard nose dive on the floor and is covered in bruises from it. Mommy texted Uncle Bob and said "why didn't you tell me Dad fell." He never replied. Tonight on the phone when Uncle Bob called to talk to Grandpa he said "why did you tell her you fell and got hurt? Now I'm gonna get in trouble. I told you not to tell her." 

Is evesdropping a crime when someones on a speakerphone?

To Uncle Bob we say:

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Like poor Mommy doesn't have enough stress in her life.... Who ever said save the drama for Mama should be shot!

Thanks for listening to us and allowing us to vent. We love you all for being just the best furends!

We'll see you all Saturday at the Swearing In Ceremony for our new Mayor Madi. It's going to be one wild party afterwards.

And I'd like to give a shout-out to my Kentucky girl Miss Shelle from Simpatico. She's been under the weather (to put it nicely) and we've got our paws crossed for a good outcome on Friday when she sees her Vet Doctor. Love ya girlfriend!

Lily Belle

Doing my best Puddles D. Rainwater impression


  1. Oh you do a most excellent Puddles. But I think you have one fur out of place. It's the one on the upper left. I am glad everyone is OK. And my MOM says your mom ROCKS!! I hope your ichies go away right quick like.

  2. Wow you guys sure have had a lot going on. Glad to hear everyone is doing better and nobody was hurt in the accident. Hope the pills clear up Lily Belle real quick. I guess you girls will have to retrain Grandpa Bob about those snacks. I hope things get better from now on. Tell everyone we said "Hi!"

    Millie & Cindy

  3. Oh dear Lily, you not well, trucky got rear ended and Grandpa Bob. What can we say? We hope hope you get better. We hope the trucky incident is resolved and everybody is OK. As for Grandpa Bob our hearts go out to all of you. Paws crossed and we are will see you Saturday. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Sounds like you have all had a really stressful time for the New Year - maybe you guys are getting all the bad things out of the way in one go so the rest of the year will be wonderful!! Hope you get your itchies cleared up and glad to hear that things are getting sorted about the truck - and especially good no-one was hurt. Take care - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  5. Whew, what a mess you guys have had, glad your Grandpa Bob is home, nobodies hurt and then theres you! Hummmmm get well fast. Just think, they say stuff comes in threes, hope that was it!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  6. You look JUST like Miss Puddles! Well done! I hope things get better soon....

  7. What with YOUR bumps and Itchy Bitchy thingys and that picture of you... we gotta say... you might be MORE like Puddles D. Bubble Butt than you EVER want to think about.

    OMD you poor mom has really had her PAWS FULL..what with the Wreck and your Allergy/Reaction and the return of Grandpa.
    Maybe you should Help her take a nice NAP.
    Ernie and I have our paws crossed fur Miss Shelle too.
    See you SATURDAY... Come HUNGRY and ready to DANCE.

  8. Goodness, that sounds like a lot of kerazy stuff going on!! I'm glad that everyone's okay. Your momma was so good and tough with the mean ol' hit and run driver!

  9. I am glad your Grandpa is back all safe and sound. I am sure he will remember your treats when he is used to being back. I have been cooking squirrel pizza and tacos and all sorts of goodies. Ican't wait for Saturday.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Yuppers...Puddles fur sure. Well, a black Puddles with bumpys!

    Guess you guys better keep a good eye and paw on Grandpa now that he's back with you. And you'll have to teach him the treat thing all over again. :( I think he'll learn quickly.

    I'm really surprised that guy even gave you the CORRECT phone number! Whew!

  11. WHN thinks that your mama better report the accident to the pawlice anyway, to protect you guys and to obey the law (she used to be in law enforcement!) She doesn't want anything to happen to your peeps and it will be better for insurance purposes too- the police rfeport will be needed for the repairs.

    WHN just sent your Mama a bunch of photos of Snoopy for his Muffin- they are all on her "smart" phone so she has to figure out how to download them for lour blog-

  12. Hi Lily Belle....OMDs what a week you have had. Bless your little there something biting you to cause the bumps?
    Or is it heat related? We hope you start to feel better lickedy split!!
    Sounds like the fella who ran into your van was probably texting or messing with his phone. Shame on him!!
    Thank goodness Grandpa Bob did not break anything. Whew falls at his age can be BAD.
    Hugs and purrs and nosetaps all around
    Madi your BFFF and Mom

  13. Lily Belle
    Please tell your Mom my BIL Mr. G makes the stylus to sale also!
    If she is interested I'll find out the details.
    Hugs madi

  14. Gosh what a mess! Glad every buddy's is ok
    Benny & Lily

  15. Wow! What a crazy post...the accident and your grandpa fell and your UNCLE LIED ABOUT IT. No good. No good at all.

    Hoping for a more boring week for all of you.


  16. You can vent anytime, especially when there is so much happening. Holy Swiss cow. Scratchy bellies, rear ends, and drama. Yikes. You have one rocking mommy!

    Wags to you all.

  17. Sorry you got bumps again, Lily. Don't scratch. Get somebody else to do it! Glad your Daddy is okay, and that your treat giver is home!

  18. My mom says she vents and moans and groans and cries on here all the time and the people still like her so you just go ahead and do what makes you feel better, this is an unconditional blog! I am glad grandpa is okay, my mom has a younger brother who is a dufus and doesn't always share info with her, "for her own good"..ump!! I am glad the accident didn't cos any injuries for sure and as far as your allergies...well lilybelle just take care of yourself, rest, relax,and get petted alot!!!!
    stella rose
    p.s. stay healthy so you can come to the big party....I am bringing a special guest!

  19. Wow I am glad everyone is all right from their falls and crashes and bumps. Not a very nice Welcome Wagon of Death. Hope everyone heals up and the other driver fesses up

  20. So much stress! I hope you feel better soon, Lily. Glad everyone's safe. Mom got in a small crash too yesterday (no one was hurt). It's so scary!
    Love ya

  21. Wow, you sure have had a time of it We hope you feel better real soon Lily. Things can only get better :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  22. Wow I don't even know were to begin. First Uncle Bob...don't make me come over there! Oh my goodness how could he not tell you Grandpa Bob fell! I think I read this whole post with my mouth wide open but at that part I almost cried!
    And girl friend you should be the next Flo from the progressive commercials... cause you get the job done! Oh and poor Lily girl we have been praying for her. Get better really quick Lily bird...we wuv you!

  23. Oh crap, there is TWO of us....can Blogville handle it? Bwhahahahahaha, oh you foto just made me laugh and laugh and giggle and then fart. Must has been da pee-cans I ated.
    Um, so you had a purty crappy week huh? I has weeks likes dat and then me and mum just sit back and laughs bouts it. But I am just glad Grandpa Bob not gets all hurted up. And your dad too...holy cows I would has been really POd at dat man.



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