Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just What the Heck!

First of all, Muffin and I want to thank everyone for pawticipating in our Couch Potato Peeling Event the other day. We all had so much fun. Who knew that we had so many Peelers among us. And those of you who didn't Peel butt came to cheer us on we heard you rooting in the stands.

Please remember to continue following along with the Blogville Olympics. The complete list of events can be found right here!

Now for the shameful part..... We messed up, butt just a little bit. OK, it was a lotta bit and we feel horrible.

Somehow we just totally missed the entry from Rubie Schnauzer! How could that be.... We just don't know to be frankly honest about it. We can only think that the entry went into our junk mail folder (which is a very inappropriate place for Rubie mind you!) Then Mommy must have hit the Oh Sh*t Empty button and deleted it. Rubie's Mum and I have chatted on e-mail about this and she has graciously re-sent us her entry.

So in all her glory, here is the beautiful Rubie Schnauzer Peeling in her most favorite spot ever. We're giving Rubie a Double Gold Medal for being such a great sport about it.

You can visit Rubie at

Now on to our SECOND stoopid human doings....

We (well not really WE, butt Mommy) and since there is no I in TEAM, I have to say WE.... Anyways, WE misidentified the long haired beauty Bailey from We ID'd her as her sister Katie. Butt, it was really Bailey. (Geez Mom, you might want to get your eyes checked again bcuz you didn't read that e-mail very well now did ya?)

So, without further ado, here once again is the correctly identified (this time) Bailey.

Now on to our THIRD stoopid human trick... We are so very embarassed that WE (there's that darn word again) have made it as far as the number THREE!

Mommy must have forgot to send in our entry to Benny & Lily for their Beach Ball Event the other day. Muffin and I were really proud of our entry so we wanted to share it with you now.

Go Team Doxie!

Good thing NY doesn't have a three strikes you're out Law in Blogville. And let me just say, if our Chief of Police Sarge shows up at our door, will someone please tell him we've moved. Muffin and I would make lousy inmates.

Again, we hang our heads in shame and sincerely say to Rubie and Bailey "we're sorry."

And to our Mommy we say... sometimes you can be such a dork!

Lily Belle & Muffin

To quote our friend Forest Gump "Stupid is as stupid does..."


  1. Your Mom did have a lot of entries and we were very impressed how well it went - even the peeps Olympics have had some hiccups :-) Great photos of Rubie and Bailey though and we love that beach ball picture! Thanks for hosting the couch potato peeling event - woofs and licks from Magic x

  2. Go Team Doxie! our mom is suffering from the same thing that WHN has- BLONDE MOMENTS! They happen here all the time!

  3. What's done is done and the photos of Bailey and Rubie are wonderful. I loved your event. Don't be to hard on your mom, after all she is only human.

  4. She's only human! You girls had so many entries mistakes were bond to happen. Heck, mistakes happen to ME, and you know what they say: mistakes happen to the best of us! BOL just kidding. Sorta.
    Love ya lots

  5. Awwww its ok, everybody makes mistakes, especially humans, but since we is good dogs we always forgives them and continues to let them rub our bellies. Ruby and Bailey is doing some great peelings there, and your beach ball picture has awesomes.


  6. Your Mommy is such a good peep...I think she needs a big hug and a wet nose kiss for working so hard in you two go give her one. :)

  7. Lily Belle Muffin and Mom!
    Bless your hearts you had 'putter troubles and that is that
    You were big enough to admit and correct your boo boo so I give you a gold star on your sweet Doxie heads!!
    And as Forrest Gump says
    Pretty is as pretty does
    Big hugs to two great hostesses
    From your

  8. I don't think your Mommy or any of you should feel bad. Everyone makes mistakes. My Mommy is so scared that she is gonna forget someone in her boxing event or misname someone, but if she does, I hope they understand. Stuff happens and you fixed it, that is the most important part.

    Loveys Sasha

  9. Congrats on your chewing entry--we think yours was one of the best! We didn't find out about that one in time to enter, but our dog would have done very well too.

  10. Woof to you Lily Belle & Muffin!!!! Don't be so hard on yourselves. Everyone 2 and 4 legged makes mistakes and we all know that you gave the event all you could to make it special. And LOVE your belated beach ball event entry!!!! Much love to you 2 - XXOO - Mazzie

  11. Thanks so much to the beautiful words and visit!!!!!!
    Kisses and hugs from Aimée´s Mom

  12. Thanks for stopping by our blog to wish Benjamin a Happy 1st Birthday! That was so nice of you to come and visit! That beach ball in your picture is HUGE! We think we are ready for some couch peeling today. We are all pawty-ied out from Benji's birthday! Hope nobody called Sarge the Cop to break up our pawty until the wee hours of the night! Thanks again for stopping by our blog.

  13. Hi ladies. I'm getting my magic buble bee ready to fly and should be over ypour house any minute. Can't wait to meet you ladies.

    I would say sniff ya later but that wouldn't be polite.



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