Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I Can Say...

I'm pretty dang proud of myself! Yup, caught another squirrel today and I'm pretty dang proud! Did I already tell you how proud I am?

Come on, look at this face..... That's the face of a proud huntress! I love releasing my inner beast sometimes.

If Mr. Squirrel didn't leave his nut's laying around on the ground on MY deck.... Oh, let me clarify that for you... walnut's that is...

And after munching also on Mommy's tomato plant....

Ol'e Mr. Squirrel didn't even see or hear me coming. Butt I guarantee, he won't be leaving his nut's laying around here anymore!

I asked Mommy to make a squirrel coat for me butt I don't think she was too keen on the idea.

I wasn't to keen on having my mouth washed out either, so I guess we're even!

Pretty dang proud!

The Great Huntress
aka Lily Belle

P.S. Mommy said thank goodness I remembered what the RELEASE command means. Butt I hate to tell her it was the screaming at the top of her lungs that did it! She could have screamed cowabunga and I would have dropped it. Wow, can she scream loud!


  1. Boy Lily you are one great attack beastie, bet none of his friends come back either!!

    Your Furend
    Susie & Bites

  2. I think I heard your mom screaming from my house! Did you deaded the squirrel? How about asking Puddles for some of her recipes? Maybe Nina would be interested in eating some deaded squirrel. Good job Lily Belle...I mean Mighty Huntress!


  3. You should definitely be proud of that! Congrrats on a fearsome kill!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. My guys have never caught a squirrel...thankfully :)

  5. I am so impressed! There really is leftover squirrel fur!!

  6. With you and Puddles the number of squirrels is sure to decrease greatly. GOOD JOB! And why did you get your mouth washed out? Becasue you deaded a tree rat?

  7. FURST.... I want to thank you fur the SUPER DUPER COOL DROOL Card and PICTURE of YOU (the MIGHTY HUNTRESS) and Muffin. THAT was very nice of you. I will take it to Sarge when I go next weekend... BUTT I already sniffed up all the grrrreat smells. BuuuuWaaaaHahahahaha..
    NOW.... ALL HAIL !!! All HAIL the Huntress!!! WOW! Since "She" won't make a Squirrel Furs Coat fur you... I DO hope that she at LEAST made a big pot of Squirrel Stew fur your supper. Or Squirrel Pot Pie Or Squirrel Soup..
    I am VERY VERY much P R O U D of you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My guys are all so impressed and soooooo jealous! I think Mommy should make you some squirrel nut strew you mighty huntress you.

  9. AND so you should be! Protecting your property like that. We've never seen a squirrel, BUT we've heard stories....
    Hope you got a treat to take that 'clean taste' out of your mouth.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. BOL BOL! Good job girlfuriend!
    Love ya

  11. OMG...you must have been really fast to catch a squirrel! My dogs chase them but they have never caught one! Good for you!

  12. So glad Mommy didn't show us a photo of da squirrel! BOL I nose you won that round!

  13. Congratulations- we are so jealous! Tasha thinks that you would look absolutely fabulous in squirrel skin coats! You are the perfect model! She also says that she will be on the lookout here for you and save up the furs she deads and have WHN make you the perfect coat!

  14. oh my goodness are you good
    Benny & Lily

  15. hey Lily,

    Congratulations! That is a pawsome hunt and attack job! I am furry impressed. I bet that squirrel had no idea who he was messing with when he came into your territory. I am glad your mom's tomato plants are now safe, and the walnuts.

    Keep up the great work! And I know what you mean about screaming humans. Been there.


  16. Oh my goodness! Congrats on bagging your second squirrel. Get a few more and you just might get your squirrel coat in time for the winter!

  17. OMG! MY Lilybelle? MY Lilybelle? Don't tell Freeda! I don't want her getting any ideas!!! MY Lilybelle?

  18. Way to go Lily Belle. The start of the hunting season begins here on the Glorious 12th which has just gone by. You are the first squiggle catcher this year.......congratulations. I am in hunting mode too pal. Keep those eyes peeled.....they are everywhere. Have a wonderful squiggle catching Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly, Cowabunga pal!

  19. Ooooooh heck yea! Girl, I fur one is super proud of you fur takin' down a nemesis. I mean it was eatin' da maters after alls. Squirrels just has no respect fur our property...maybe his kin folk will learn a lesson from da untimely death of their relative.
    Nows dat is all said and done...what is u with your mom NOT makin' you a coat??????? How bout a scarf? Or a hat? Hoomans get so grossed out by da weirdest stuffs.

    PS: Will hers mount it on da wall at least?

  20. Wow!! You are incredible, Miss Lily Belle!! :) I think a scarf, like Puddles said, would have been the least your mom could do.... Perhaps she didn't have enough fur and you need to dead a few for her!
    Newby did a post for you!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  21. Grrr, good job Lily! You has showed the squirrel community that you is a force to be reckoned with.


  22. I never knew we could CATCH our own food, and not have to wait on mom to fix it....that may be what i need to do to solve my little problem....once you catch it does your mom cook it or does she freeze it and you eat it frozen? (if you knew my mom's history you would understand these weird questions?)
    stella rose

  23. What a pawsome huntress you are.....we are so impressed!!

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar & Schatzi

  24. Hi Buddy,

    You actually caught one? I never get that close as they always run across the top of the fence in my garden - doesn't stop me trying to catch them though….. Glad to hear you let it go though :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  25. Oh Lily how exciting. We are very impressed. You and Brooklyn are 2 of a kind. I gotta make sure Aunt Judy lets Brookie read this post. She nailed one last Thanksgiving. She wanted her Mommy to stuff it with milk bones and Bill Jak and roast it instead of the turkey but she refused.

    Oh glad you liked my video but you gotta come back and see the rest of the pictures. Mommy hit publish to soon and had to go back and finish it.

    Sniff ya later............Weenuew

  26. Your email address is still in your 6/23 post.

    Cute blog! I love me some weenies!

  27. Oh my! You caught a squirrel? I usually just invite them over to visit....

  28. Hey Lily Belle, Jet here.

    Wowee, wow wow, most impressive Miss Huntress! JJ and I chased a squirrel up a tree this morning. We barked and barked, which surprisingly bothered Mom. Why? We told that squirrel what we thought of it. Sure, the neighbors were sleeping, they should want to get up and start another great day!

    Congrats from us, uh oh from Mom!

  29. Woof to you Lily Belle!!!! What a beautiful and noble photo of such a fierce huntress!!!! I am so amazed at your hunting prowess and I must confess, a bit jealous. While my assistant lets me watch squirrels all of the time in NYC's various parks, I'm not allowed to actually sink my clutches into one. Oh, if I had the life that you have upstate .... my deck would be FILLED with squirrels. I am so proud of you Lily Belle!!!! Much love to you, Muffin and your mom - XXOO - Mazzie (aka "Uptown Girl").

  30. Oh Great Huntress ~ You demised the squirrel I bow to you oh great one!
    Sweet William The Scot


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