Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Telltale Tuesday

We thought for today since it's miserably warm outside again, we'd post some misc. pictures for your viewing pleasure....

Mama Deer in our backyard
Muffin showing Mama Deer that she's in charge around here (Mama finally walked away and is behind the bird bath. She really wasn't phased by all of Muffin's barking, but we don't have the heart to tell Muffin that!)

Lily taking a break from blogging

Close your eyes boy's! Butt naked girl in the sink.

Our tomato plant. Now at 7' tall with the best Sweet 100's growing
Sunbathing Sweetie

We all gotta have at least one of these

Lily Belle


  1. I sooooo enjoyed your foto gallery today, especially afters lookin' at these four walls and bars...dat is allllll I has to look at. But, I stoled da kennel's 'puter so I could blog...hehehehe...maybe they'll kick me out.
    I can't believes ya'll has deer so close by.


    1. We feel bad for you Puddles! Being in jail is NO fun at all. If you get a chance to break outta the pokey, give me a call. I'll tell you now, it's the number 3 train you want to take... We'll meet you at the station.

  2. Wow, that momma deer came real close, but you all showed her whose backyard she was in! Love that one in the shower too!

  3. That sure is a HUGE tomato plant! I can't believe that the momma deer didn't run for the hills with Muffin yelling at her.


  4. BOL girl I never though our positions would be flipped and I'D be getting on to YOU about being naked for the world to see! Hm, I seem to be a bad influence ;)
    That mama dear is sooo pretty!
    BUT I can't believe you girls will stay in that pen! I'd jump over it
    Love ya both
    Your BFF Nola

    1. Oh yes Nola! I have YOU to thank for my nakedness. And then to have it broadcast to the world for all to see.... Geez.....

  5. Oh I forgot: what a lovely tomato plant! Mom only had a few this year from our garden because someone ate them (it may or may not have been me...)

  6. Lily and Muffin your yard is just BEAUTIFUL. So many neat thingys to look at. Esp. that momma Deer!!!
    I PAWmise that I did not look at your Nekkidness.

  7. What a lovely yard you have. We don't want Mom to see that tall fence you have, she might get some crazy idea about putting one of those in our yard. That tomato plant is mighty impressive - bet you all enjoy those tomatoes.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. That is one HUGE advantage to your weather. You can grow awesome tomatoes! Where I live, it's not possible without a green house.

    We won't tell Muffin that Mama Deer wasn't shaking in her boots :)

  9. What lovely photos. Muffin, you is very brave and I applauds your braveries in the deer incident. And Lily, I extends my sympathies to your for the bath photo.


  10. Thats the way Muffin , it's your place, keep that strange thing away, as for the tomatoes, can't believe you guys have left them there, ME, LETS EAT!!!!


  11. Awww so cute! But if mommy every tried to bathe me I would have a fit!


  12. Love the photos. I am sure mama deer was really terrified. If it wasn't for the security fence she would be runnin' scared.

  13. Muffin we can't believe the control you showed with the vishus deer! Issa would have knocked that fence down and who knows what from there!!
    Lovely photos all.
    Have a good Tuesday :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. These pictures took me away from thinking it was so hot outside so thanks for showing them to us! I love the deer photos the most! Beautiful!

  15. Oh Lily we love 'The Nose Shot'! If I'd thought of it I would have put it in as an Olympic event. Have a cool one friend.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Your tomatoes look amazing! Ours are dead! Deccy x

  17. Youir tomato plant is amazing - ours are all shrivelled from the bad weather :-( Love to see that mama deer though we'd have been like Muffin barking if she came in our garden! woofs and licks from Magic xx

  18. LOVE the nose shot! I can't stand baths, though, even if they're to help cool me down. Baths are baaaaaad!


  19. My spiritual twin is as gawjus as ever! Muffin, you teach that deer whose boss!

  20. What beautiful pictures!! butt naked... hehe I laughed, out loud, sitting here at work. Good thing no one is here to hear me giggling! ;)

    Sarah & le Weens

  21. Miss Lily Belle...
    email me shelle (dot) pennington (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you the pics that Blogger is being poopy about... We gots to take care of our girl! xx

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  22. Thank you... that was a complete pleasure :)


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