Sunday, July 1, 2012

Award Ceremony

{Stepping up to the podium microphone}

I {Lily Belle} would like to thank my very bestest blogging beautiful buddy Nola for awarding me with not one, but two Awards.

I'd like to think that you all by now know Nola (say that 3 times fast), but if you don't you should check her out! She is totally pawsome.

I know that the Academy wants us to keep our speeches short this year, but I'm a doxie and believe you me! I don't play by the rules.

The Rules to receiving this award are ~ You have to thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to them. (Remember to visit Nola!). Then share 7 things about yourself. When done, pass this award on to 15 (or less) furends. So here I go...

1. I'm named after Mommy's favorite flower ~ the Lily
2. I can make Mommy cry just by looking into her eyes
3. I think I am reincarnated. Mommy always says I'm just like her Grandma H. (lovable and always have to be touching or snuggling on you)
4. I'm a tweenie even tho I'm a purebred Mini ~ Go figure!
5. I love to watch TV
6. When I was a baby I chewed a hole in the bottom of the mattress box spring and when Mommy was in the shower getting ready for work, I crawled up in there and got stuck amongst the springs.
7. I have different voices for my different wants. Each one unique to me. If you tape recorded them all and played them back for Mommy or Daddy, they could tell you exactly what I'm asking for.

For this second award, the rules are exactly the same. Hey Nola, who the heck is making up these rules by the way....

Since I don't want to kiss and tell my followers too many of my most personal secrets, I'm going to follow Nola's lead and let Mommy spill the beans about her.

1. I was born and raised for 21 on Long Island and I DON'T talk like a Long Islander! (Thanks to my Mom)
2. I was robbed at 16 when I worked for KFC and the robber held a gun to my head. (So how you liking life at Attica Prison butt head?) I would have prefered to call him an ass hole, but Lily hates it when I say that word.
3. Anytime I was in trouble (all the way up until my Mom died when I was 49), she would call me Matilda Jones. When I heard that name, I'd run the other way.
4. I kissed my first boy in kindergarten (in a closet) ~ And his name was Brian Eddie
5. I was an active Firefighter for 8 years
6. I got engaged and had the diamond on my finger and I didn't even know his last name! (We've been married almost 19 years now.) And yes, just in case you were wondering... That was one of those Matilda Jones moments!
7. I miss my mother tremendously.
Bonus #8. I don't have any skeltons in my closet!

Oh please... I could go on and on and on, but like Lily said, we don't like to kiss and tell too much. Didn't you get enough dirt on me already?

OK Lily, back to you. Make it snappy! The Academy is getting upset that your speech is over the time limit and I think they're ready to break for a commercial.

We're supposed to pass these awards on to 15 (or less) furends. Oh goodness! I know that some don't like to do these, I personally enjoyed it, and I know how busy we all are these days with the Blogville Olympics and just life in general, so I gotta break the rules this one time. Hey I already told you I'm a doxie and remember what I said above about rules...

So here's MY new rules.... If any of my blogging furends (Marley, Cindy, Baxter, Doxie Rod, Bailey, Reuben, Ramsay ~ hint, hint!) would like to graciously accept either of these two awards (or even both), feel free to just grab them from here. We really would love it if you did!

Oh No... Did I just hear someone whisper Matilda Jones?



                    Where'd you go Mommy?

Lily Belle  


  1. Congratulations Lily Belle and nice answers. Have a lovely Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Congratulations on your awards!

  3. WHN grew up on Long Island too and left when she was 21! Our Moms have a lot in common too- the tw name thing, etc

  4. Congratulations on your awards. Those were some revealing lists.


  5. Nice! Matilda Jones,eh? Wow, Lily! Your mommy has so many experiences. Aren't you proud that she had a colorful life?

    Congratulations on the award and we hope you have a great Sunday!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. Congratulations on your awards! I learned so much about you today.

  7. Congrats!! :) Love the answers, especially getting engaged and not knowing his name... we do that all the time, but we sniff their butts first! Bwahahaha!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  8. Congrats on your awards Lily & Matilda J.

    Love Ruby & Penny

  9. Matilda Jones.... I just LOVE your #2 answer!!!!

  10. i loved reading these facts about you! so much fun - and i'm glad you are safe after getting robbed!!! so scary. congrats on your awards!! :)

  11. I loved the answers! But OMD youre mom's number 2 (uh...I didnt mean it THAT way) question is so scary!
    Love ya lots

  12. Stupid iPhone. Awnser not question!
    We're having some internets problems, so don't get worried if I don't stop by! I'll try really hard to visit my BFF though
    Love ya

  13. Congratulations on your Awards!
    I loved your answers!
    I just can't imagine how scary was to be robbed!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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