Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dusty's Celebration Competition

Hi Blogville Furends,

We came across this new Blogville site this morning and wanted to tell you about it. It's called Life with my Dogs ( It's all about Jock, Lucy and Dusty. As the hooman ower of the blog say's... Three lot's of four legged crazyness! And trust me, they've got that right!!

In honor of Dusty's furst birthday, their hooman is having a photo competition give-a-way. All you gotta do is linky to their blog, post your favorite photo on your blog then let them know you've got your picture uploaded for the drawing. It's that simple!

Since Muffin and I are so beautiful (Snap, oh yeah, you got that right!), we decided to enter a few of our own pictures. Wish us luck. So here they are...

All entries must be in by June 27, 2012. The winner (oh I hope it's me) will receive a hand drawn picture in either pastel or graphite. Check out all the rules and dates on their website linked above (bcuz I'm not responsible for any of the rules and regulations you know.)

Are you done droolin' and checking out all our beautifulness? Go on then, get busy looking for your own pictures to enter. Good luck to everyone.

Lily Belle


  1. You two are stunners. I can't see how you wouldn't win.


  2. Thank you very much for entering the competition! My absolute favourites out of those pictures are the second and last ones. You are just so adorable (especially your silky ears!)

  3. My eyes have never seen such gloriousynessyness as your pretty faces.... except when I look at my own three little doxie babies.

    Gonna go over and say "HI" to Life with My Dogs.
    Thanks for sharing about them!!! :)

  4. WOW Lily and Muffin.. you are Both always cute and stuffs butt I think you did chews some STUNNING Pic. to enter the contest with!!

    PeeS... Please email me beclaws I gotta have your addy fur sending stuffs to you later.. OK?

  5. Oh I just LOVE that second picture of you, Lily! Sigh, we make a gorgeous pair of BFFs! Love ya and thanks so much for helping us through our tough time

  6. You are looking lovely! Deccy x

  7. such cute pictures!! i hope you win, and you certainly should with those beauties :)

  8. Lilly Belle and Muffin,

    You are both very beautiful! I hope you win!

    Your pal,


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