Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogville Olympics Info

Things are sure happening fast now! E-mails from Frankie have arrived and we're all going crazy with that information. I guess OUR first step is gonna be adding all our new furends to our blog. I know that Muffin and I will be very busy the next few days reading all about you. So right now I will just say NICE TO MEET YA!

Muffin and I (along with our hoomans) that would be Mommy and Daddy, will be hosting the Couch Potato Peeling Event on July 31st. We will post all about it another day so you can have all the details. But for now here's a little tease:

Whether your couch looks like this

Or maybe like this one
Most likely like this?
Maybe you're not allowed on the couch... Maybe you're the type of furry little being that doesn't do couches at all ~ FEAR NOT! We're gonna be looking for "your place of comfort, your very own piece of heaven."

Oh yes, this is a potato. Butt, did I REALLY have to tell you that?

By now you're trying to figure out how the potato and peeler fit in to the Couch Potato Peeling Event aren't ya??
 Ahhhh wee grasshopper, we shall keep you in suspense for another day or two (tee~hee~hee.)

 Now on to some serious stuffs. Let's review some of the most important rules for the Blogville Olympics:

*Roll with the punches

*All complaints are to be sent to the Olympic Committee (i.e. Frankie) exclusively! You know how to find him. Hey, I didn't make up the rules!

*If you leave nasty words on my blog, you will be banned for life! I'm Lovable Lily and I don't do HATE!

*We need everyone to pawticipate in this event. Cats, doggies, horsies, toads, roaches, peacocks, stick figures, lizards, penguins, lions and tigers and bears oh my! I think you get my point. I don't DISCRIMINATE!

*We gotta stick to the dates and the deadlines that were given to us as follows.

July 9th ~ Date that we will start accepting your pictures for the Couch Potato Peeling Event. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm working on the details.

July 18th ~ At midnight (EST) is the cutoff date and time for accepting pictures for our Event. Blah, blah, blah don't give ME any grief if you can't get your pic's in on time.

And I think, the most important rule is WE GOTTA HAVE FUN! Cuz believe you me, I don't wanna get fired!

Remember, we are ALL winners in life. There are NO losers!

Okey Dokey, over and out for now. I've been typing so long and with these little paws of mine it does take some talent and quite a bit of time and I missed out on my 8pm treat. So now I gotta convince Mommy that even tho it is 10pm it's still not too late. Wish me luck!

Lily Belle


  1. Couch Potato? I'm SO your man! hehe! Deccy x

  2. Hi Bailey , diito Deccy above except I'm a doglet and we will pawcipitating!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Mine is definitely da third couch and da hoomans is on da floor...wheres they should be.
    I has to gets to work on dis right nows!


  4. I don't think Milo, Dixie or Newby have ever been actually ON the couch. I mean they get ON the couch, but they put me in between their soft little bodies and the couch... like a human pillow. So they are couch potatoes on a human pillow...

    Is that an event???

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

  5. OMD Lily BellE THIS is a FANGtastical POST. I am giving you ALL 10's . I'm just sayin!!!

  6. pretty sure this mght be an event for me, the Scrapster.

  7. Hi Lily, Im visiting all the hosts that I haven't met yet and signing up to follow. Ive just done my first Olympics post......I cannot wait for the fun to begin

    All the best for your event - I'm off to get some training in! !

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx


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