Tuesday, May 15, 2012

We've Arrived

Phew.... Finally back at home in New York and safe and sound too.

Good thing Daddy is an excellent driver bcuz many out there on the road drive like a bunch of bank robbers trying to get away from the scene of the crime.

Like the guy who was in the far left lane of the 3 lane highway and decided he wanted to get off at the exit we just passed. A quick turn of his wheel and he's cutting everyone off making them squeel their brakes, having them drive off the road so they don't crash and giving many of us heart failure. Mommy cried after that one. She too thought we were gonners. Good thing Muffin and I were in our crate where we were really safe.

Then Mommy had to call the Police. There was smoke and big, bright red flames everywhere. Some poor man lost a tire off his boat trailer and the metal was sparking and ignited a really long fire along the side of the road.

We stopped for frequent breaks during the 2 days of our trip. Daddy tried to make our pit stops exciting for us by stopping at National Parks along the way. That was really cool. We gots in some history lessons, smelled some really awesome animal scents, saw beautiful trees and flowers along the way but the best part was getting me outta my crate! (gosh I HATE that metal jail.) Of course, it was a lot of work to get us outta our crate and get our harnesses on both of us and each and every time this happened, Mommy didn't grab the camera to take any pictures (duh!). We really enjoyed our time at the parks.

We spent one night at a motel in Virginia. Muffin and I were really good and tried not to bark too much at the strange noises. But you did notice that I just said tried!

Mommy met a nice man there in the early morning when she went out side for a quick smoke at 4am. She didn't think anyone other than her (Mrs. Insomnia) would be crazy enough to be awake at that hour. But she wasn't alone. This man and his son were going hunting up in the mountains for turkey. They had a really nice chat in the parking lot and even talked about us ~ her big, tough guard dog's. Mr. Man couldn't believe we were dachshunds. He said we had a really nice bark! (tho I'm not too sure it was meant as a compliment...)

Mommy and I got to go for a really nice walk around the motel and we enjoyed the beautiful sunrise together.

The bestest part of the trip was that Muffin and I got to have an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. We were not at all interested in our kibble which in the end turned out super fine for us!

Muffin slept the entire way home just like I thought she would. I fought thru my sedation medicine (just like Mommy thought) and was awake the entire ride. LuLu, the lady that lives in the dashboard of our van who tells us turn here, turn there did a fantastic job guiding our way. Mommy was the most excellent co-pilot and Daddy drove the entire way. We're most grateful that The Big Guy upstairs got us all home safe and sound.

When Mommy took one look at her NY garden she said "back to reality once again." But we're gonna leave that post for another day.

Signing off for now my friends. The sun is coming up and I gotta go outside and help Mommy now. She needs me to protect her from the birds, deer and animals while she's pulling weeds. Oh yeah, we got weeds!

Lily Belle


  1. Sounds like an eventful trip! Mum says one of the most frightening experiences of her life was driving in NY! Glad you all got home safe & sound. Deccy x

  2. So glad you is all home safe and sound! We sure miss ya here in Winter Haven though! Liked it better when you were closer! There sure are a lot of nuts on da road. You'd think there would be more tree rats too with all the nuts! BOL Oh well...at least you're home with all the weeds again.

  3. Glad to hear you made it home in one piece. Sounds like a very eventful ride. This is not a good year to have a late start on your garden around here. We've been working every day and the weeds still have an advantage over us. Welcome home!


  4. What an eventful ride! I'm so glad you made it home in one piece! Love ya, girlfriend!
    Your BFF,

  5. Nola, Lady and I are so happy to hear that you, Muffin and your peeps made it safely back to New York, despite the efforts of some maniac drivers. I bet it is good to be home. For me, home is wherever Lady is. We have a big trip coming up the day after my pawty on Sunday. We'll be gone for at least two weeks.

  6. OOPS! Lady was looking at Nola's name and typed her name instead of yours, Lily! She did it, not me. SO sorry!

  7. I am THRILLED that you made it to your Summer Home in the Cooler NORTH. Sorry the ride was so LONG and... uncomfortable fur YOU. AND I am glad that you didn't have any Wrecks or Flaming Tires. WHEW


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