Friday, May 18, 2012

Supervising The Workers

We haven't been home from Florida for even a week yet and Mommy and Daddy have been working like crazy around here. The beautiful weather is here and there is just so much to do.

First I wanna show you who stopped by to see Mommy the other morning while she was out weeding.

These two decided to sneak up on Mommy and scare the #*%&# outta her. Mommy talked to the deer and told them to keep eatting the weeds. (As you can see, we really do live in the woods. This is at the back of the garden.)

There are still A LOT of weeds to be pulled but Daddy said we needed to move on to some other projects as well. Doesn't Daddy know that I'm the Supervisor around here?

I supervised the important things like planting a little bit of lettuce and basil in our Earth Box. Our tomato plants will be coming home soon. Daddy called our friends at Lucas Greenhouse and had them start them for us while we were away. They are growing mighty big already. Mommy saw them yesterday and tickled their leaves.  Either Mommy is going crazy or there is something I just don't know.  I mean, I like having my belly tickled, do tomatos have bellies too? And just so ya know, Mommy would have loved to have a big veggie garden here but living in the woods, we just don't have an area that is sunny all day long.

Then we went to work on our deck planters. Every year we plant Hummingbird friendly flowers for our little buzzers. This is just one of the planters.

Mommy took these last year. Can you see why she plants just for them?

Now that the deck planters are finished, Daddy got to work on the tough job ~ Power washing the entire deck and patio furniture.

Here's Daddy washing off Grandpa's side of the deck. As soon as Daddy started up Big Red (That's what I call the power washer), Muffin ran and hid inside the house. I sat inside the door and cried. I wanted to come outside and watch but Mommy said it was too dangerous.

When all was said and done, I finally got a chance to inspect the clean furniture.

Thank you Daddy for washing off my lounge chair.

It was a long day of planting and cleaning and Chippie chasing. Supervising is such hard work...

Lily Belle


  1. I can see why you stick to the containers for the veggies. With those deer so close you would have to plant in a cage to keep them from eating it all. You sure are a hard working dachsie Miss Lily Belle.


  2. Everything is going to look so nice when its all cleaned, weeded, and washed. Good thing you stayed in the house with the power washer going. If you got hit with that, it would of blown you all the way back to Florida.

  3. Hiya yes it is that time of year for gardeing and hope you are taking your supervision duties seriously. Lovely photos! From your new friend
    Best wishes Molly

  4. It'll look beautiful when you're done! Don't work too hard
    Your BFF Nola

  5. Wow you sure have been busy.. and aren't your humming birds lovely? Have a great weekend. Deccy x

  6. OMD OMD... Lily you and your peeps are CERTAINLY bizzy gettin stuffs ready fur summer. The big red machine at my house scares ME too.

    And speakin of scary thingys... those deer should be ashamed fur scarin the %*@! outta your mom.

  7. YOu are a super lanscape supervisor! Your peeps should be thrilled with your hard work.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  8. Lily, you look adorable! And we have the same colors :)
    Do you ever bark at the deer?

  9. Hi Lily Belle,

    We been reading all your posts we've missed and OMD this post is the bestest. All the pretty hummingbirds, the deer and Mommy went bonkrs when she saw the basil picture. She said she wishs she had some right now cause she's making her spagettie sauce today.

    Love the pic of your Daddy kissing you with your tongue wrapped around your face.



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