Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Update

Well, another busy week for all of us here in Florida.

The visiting family has left and all arrived safe and sound back in NY. I wanted to share with you some of the highlights of their trip.

Do you remember a few postings back I talked about Idiot's? Well, this is what Idiot's look like? In case you forgot I'm gonna remind you right now...

Uncle Bobbo stepping out of the airplane

Uncle Bobbo coming in for a landing

Uncle Bobbo (right) really saying "Now I've got to go change my skivvies"

Colleen extremely happy to be back to earth

Uncle Bob almost there

Grandpa & Uncle Bob. Can't believe I'm gonna say this but Grandpa was the only SANE one in the bunch! He kept his feet firmly planted on the ground the entire day.

At least everyone made it to the ground with no broken bones.

With them all gone, life is slowly returning back to normal around here. Muffin and I are finally back to getting our well deserved beauty naps.

Mommy hasn't had much time to take a lot of pictures of her birds and garden. I know she misses that. But she was able to sneak in a few shots...

Mommy's sunflowers are taking over the garden! (Daddy's not gonna be too happy 'bout that!)

Yesterday, Mommy, Daddy & Grandpa went to the baseball game. Mommy & Grandpa grew up watching the Met's and they just happen to have been playing here. Mommy came home smiling (even tho the Mets lost.) She said it reminded her of her childhood when Grandpa had box seats and they would go all of the time.

Tiger Stadium - Lakeland, FL

Let's go Met's!

Grandpa keeping score

Here is the gang (white hat, pink hat, black hat) on ESPN. I'm a little upset with Mommy 'cuz she be eatting a HOT DOG! And the whole world seen her doing it too. The nerve.....

OK, wait, it's coming...

OK, I had to take this myself, but didn't want to disappoint you by not showing you my beautiful face.

So as you can see, it's been a tad busy around here but we're all doing just fine!

Lily Belle


  1. Yes indeed you HAVE had a very much busy time. I am soooo glad that nobuddy got hurt jumping outta that plane and stuffs. WHEW.

  2. Wow! That was a busy time! Looks like everyone had fun, but holy cow skydiving....brrrr! lol! Great pictures!

  3. Very busy indeed!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. you have been very busy!! really cool skydiving pictures, but my favorite was of course the last one :) and i'm so glad you included the best part of a doxie!! the nose.

  5. Your peoples blow my mind withs da sky divin'...does they has any marbles? Actually what is MOST unsettling is your mom eating a HOT DOG...eeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!! Dis you gives her da silent treatment? Her could has at least brought you some tater chips.

    You is a very good fotographer Lily, you should do sumptin' with your skills.

    Your grandpa always looks soooo happy...I likes him!


  6. Skydiving? *faints* so brave. My skivies would have been blown off from fear. :)

    I love that closeup of you. Fantastic job!! Xoxo's, Sarah and the Weens

  7. Hey Lily, you wanna hears sumptin' funny?
    My mum LOOOOOOOVES goin to da dentist to has her teefers cleaned. Girl, I only wish I were lyin'! Yes, I has to live heres...can you believes dat?


  8. *thud* There is nooo way our hoomans would jump out of a plane...unless they were pushed!! But we think your "idiots" were very brave!!
    And did we read that right? A "hot dog"? Your Mama was eating a "hot dog"? We hope you properly snubbed her when she got home!!
    ***sigh** your weather looks so pawsome...we still have snow covering everywhere...but next's officially spring!!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar & Schatzi


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