Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Pink Beast

Don't let your eyes fool ya! It may look like a pink innocent kiddie pool to some, but to me.... It's my bath tub. Muffin, run for your life!!

Mommy thought she'd be the sly one and set up the pool in the yard. She filled it with water yesterday morning and by the afternoon the water was beautiful. She put it real close to her garden with all the pretty flowers.

I felt like we were at a really expensive Hotel.

I was the first to go in the pool. It was really nice. I was swimming all around the pool and was waiting for the Cabana Boy to get me a drink.

All of a sudden, Mommy started brushing me all over and I realized THIS IS MY BATH! How could she have fooled me like that? I decided that I had had enough. I jumped right out of the pool and immediately went and rolled all over the grass and the sandy soil. Mommy was chasing me all over the yard trying to catch me 'cuz now I'm a filthy girl. This game is what I call Cat and Mouse ~ tee-hee-hee... It took her awhile but he finally caught up with me. Muffin tried to do the same thing too but Mommy is smarter than the average bear (sometimes.) She said "fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!"

All in all, both Muffin and I had a great day at the Hotel pool. (There, are you happy now Mommy? I called it a pool instead of a bath. But we both really know the truth!)

Lily Belle


  1. Oh Lily Belle, we should have warned you!! Before we had the big hooman pool....Mama used to set up a small pool for us too...we were too smart for her though.....we hid til it came time for her to haul our butts in & pour stinky shampoo on us!!!

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar & Schatzi

  2. Oh to live a life of luxury!! LOL!

  3. It looks like a great place for a bath to me!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Oh dears, your mom has done gone and lost her marbles. But seriously, girls I can't believes ya'll fells fur dat trick...only cuz I don't do water of NO KIND...pool or baff.
    Okays dat would has made a most excellent video to sees your momma chasin' ya'll all overs da yard...bwhahahahahaha.


  5. What?! The cabana boy no came?! You gots to speak to the manager about the service here, I is thinking.


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