Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pool Day for the Adults

Boo hoo hoo... No doxie's allowed!

This is Daddy & Mommy

Mommy with Gene & Linda Regal
The sign says 'Hi Sheryl & Rob - Florida 2012'
Here's a funny story for you all! Last week Mommy started talking to these people (above). She found out there were from the next town over from us in New York. Come to find out, they are good friends of Mommy's old boss and her husband. So Mommy is driving her old boss crazy as she can't figure out who would be down here in Florida that she would know. So Mommy today sent her old boss (Sheryl) an e-mail with a picture clue attached. Here is the picture Mommy sent her...
Mommy said in her e-mail "after her friend Joyce (below) drank too many pina colada's this was the best picture she could get!"
That ought to keep her old boss Sheryl up all night!! Tee~Hee~Hee...
Tomorrow, Mommy will send her the real picture.

Eddie & Joyce (the pina colada lady)
Wish you all could be here, the weather is beautiful! And if you were here, you could play with Muffin and I all day while the adults are at the pool.

Lily Belle


  1. Sounds good to me!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. I guess mom's former boss doesn't read your blog or she would figure it out.


  3. OH that Picture Clue is soooooooo funny!!! I LOVE it!!!

    WHAT? No Dachshunds allowed?? NOT RIGHT!

  4. Holy Gwalk A Moley..... you should see what I had to type in to get that other comment to post. I have NEVER seen anythingy like that.. TWO words and the were all black and stuffs. Weird... I wonder why that is? Maybe it will happen with this one too.
    I just HAD to EDIT this comment so I could tell you what the thingy wanted me to type THIS time... polytheism onsesit SERIOUSLY... that is what it said to type... BOTH words.. I even took a picture of it.

  5. Ooooh. good times!! I wanna be there too!! :)


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