Saturday, February 4, 2012

My New Vet

OMD! I was not a happy camper yesterday! I had to make a visit to my new Vet here in Florida ~ Yuck!

This past week my right eye has been watering A LOT and also oozing some pretty yucky stuff. So Mommy said that we needed to visit Mr. Vet. I tried to run and hide so I wouldn't have to go. (I was really just hiding 'cuz I HATE to wear my harness.) But Daddy caught me and off we went.

Mommy brought a set of my health & surgery records and gave them to the nice lady at the desk. She was impressed that Mommy was soooo prepared!

Wow! What a nice looking place Mr. Vet has. It's all new and shiny and clean and they have a big fish tank in the waiting room. They have beautiful animal pictures hanging on every wall that were taken locally by a photographer. Ok, so that helped me calm down a bit. I know that this is where Muffin comes when she is sick and Muffin told me everything would be just fine.

Nice Nurse Sara brought us to the exam room and then whisked me away to be weighed and to have my nails trimmed. Well, I'm not very good when I'm nervous and I don't like it one bit when I can't see my Mommy or Daddy so I was shaking like a leaf on a tree the entire time. Nurse Sara finally carried me back to Mommy and Daddy and said they couldn't cut my nails because I was wiggling way too much for them. I showed them who was BOSS!

Then I met the very handsome Dr. O'Sullivan. Ooh-La-La... I started batting my eye lashes at him and was wagging my tail a mile a minute too. Mommy had a very nice talk with him all about me and my recent neck surgery. He thanked Mommy for bringing all my surgical records too, even pictures from the MRI. He said that it must be Doxie week there 'cuz so many of them had been coming in with bad backs. (Take his warning friends ~ BUILD RAMPS for us!)

Dr. O'Sullivan ran some tests on my eyes and determined that it was either Florida allergies or an infection 'cuz my really bad eye showed NO signs of being scratched. I won't get into the yucky details of exactly what they did to me with all the eye drops, eye stains, tear drop measurer, etc. but I sure didn't like it too much.

Mommy has to put these antibiotic/steroid drops in my eyes 3 times a day now. I have not been scratching or rubbing my eyes either which is good. Otherwise, I'd have to wear the "cone of shame."

After we bid the good Dr. farewell, I looked at Daddy and said "GET ME OUTTA HERE!"

All in all, I plan on staying healthy so I don't gotta go back there anymore. That's my story and I'm sticking with it...

Lily Belle


  1. I hope the drops work for you so you don't have to go back. It doesn't sound like it was too bad of a trip though.


  2. Oh Poor Lili Belle... I am so very much sorry that you had to go... THERE. You DID fur sure show them who is boss when it came to the nails trimmin stuffs!!!

    I hope you eye gets better Speedy Quick.

  3. Aww! Feel better little Lily!

  4. Aww Lily. I think your eye got an infection. And if it were allergies, the antibiotics will keep the infection away, if in case you started scratching it. The steroids is for the itchiness.

    Anyway, I hope you get better and you're lucky your mom keeps tabs on your medical needs.

    Happy Sunday!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  5. I hope they work for you! When stuff starts blooming here my eyes get watery too.
    Dachshund Nola

  6. Just stopped over to say hi to you and muffin. Hope your eyes are better soon Lily!


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