Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Busy Days

Phew..... We've been busy! Daddy had to get a haircut but was really worried about it. See, he's been going to the same barber for over 35+ years and has never had anyone else cut his hair in all of that time. Since we are now in Florida for 4 months, Daddy was a little worried when Mommy said "I'll take you to Grandpa's barber." (In NY, Grandpa's barber doesn't do such a good job.) Daddy was really freaking out and all. He was going to check flights to see how much it would cost him to fly home to NY just to get his hair cut. Like he's gonna pay hundreds of dollars for a $9.00 haircut! Mommy put her foot down on that one real quick. So off they drive to Ozzie's right here in town. Mommy hooked him up with Al. A nice older gentleman, who didn't have much hair either. Mommy told Al how to do Daddy's hair. Daddy came out of there looking like a million bucks! Al did a great job and Daddy looks really handsome. Glad that went well, otherwise Mommy would never hear the end of it.

My hoomans also went to the movies the other night. They went to see Red Tail's 'cause Grandpa wanted to see it. They said it was an excellent movie and really enjoyed it.

Daddy bought some new plants the other day at Lowe's and he will be planting them this morning while it is cooler out. Mommy promises to take pictures when all is said and done. Now we will just have to pray that we don't have a deep freeze here in Florida. The past few years Mommy has planted a beautiful weeping hybiscus in memory of Grandma, but along comes Mr. Frost and kills it. She gave up after buying and planting 2 of them. Daddy said he wants to try it again 'cause Grandma looks down on us and would like to see "her tree."

Yesterday Daddy and Grandpa went on a bus trip to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. They had a great time. OK, Daddy had a great time... He won playing the machines and came home with his winnings. He did soooo good that last night he took Mommy shopping and bought her an E-Reader. She got a Nook Color. She is trying to figure it all out and once she get's use to it, I'm sure she will love it too. Daddy gave it to her and said Happy Valentine's Day! She was grinning from ear to ear.

So while the boy's were away at the casino, Muffin and I had 'girl day' with Mommy. After Mommy came home from shopping in the morning, we just hung around the house while she did laundry, dishes, made dinner, etc. but we spent the whole entire day together and we loved it. We sat outside and tanned our little belly's. It was a wonderful day ~ just us girls!

Mommy's credit card got scammed the other day (we don't know how), so today the Fed-X man is going to stop by and bring Mommy a package with her new card. We like the Fed-X man 'cause we get to bark like crazy at him.

Muffin and I are having a great time here in Florida and it is fantastic that we are all down here as a family!

We miss all our other family back in NY and think of them every day.

Lily Belle

My favorite place to sit

Daddy & Grandpa heading to the Casino


  1. OMD what a grrrrrreat couple of days you (and your MOM and DAD) have had.
    My mom has one of those Kindle (not the ON FIRE)thingys and just LOVES it... She can "borrow" books from the local library with it and stuffs. Your mom will figure her Nook out really quick.

  2. Sounds like you girls had a good time. Don't forget to use sunscreen. You wouldn't want to get a sunburn on those cute bellies ;-)


  3. Does your dad need any company at da casino? I can plays a mean game of craps...and they has free drinks.
    dats just awfuls bouts da frost killin' da tree. I knows it had special meaning. But your grandma be in your heart and her knows.


  4. Oh you have been busy! My grandpa's credit card got scammed last week too
    Dachshund Nola

  5. oh my gosh! i hope nothing bad happened with your credit card, that is terrible. but i am super jealous of how warm and tropical it looks there!


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