Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blogging Help

Hi my Blogville friends,

Mommy doesn't know why this is happening, but sometimes when she tries to leave comments on some of your blog's it won't let her. After she enters everything the 'puter comes up and says "redirecting" then the screen goes blank and stays that way. On some blogs she is allowed to enter comments and others (like Nola's & Marley's) it won't let her. She is using Internet Explorer. Last night it worked on Marley's but tonight it doesn't. (BTW, Mommy said thanks Lady, it is much better now. Also, she hopes that Marley is feeling better today.) I miss my two bestest blogging buddies Nola and Marley. What ever shall I do if Mommy can't solve the problem.....  

Sometimes too when she tries to go to a specific blog nothing happens.

Can someone help Mommy with her problem?? She is sooooo frustrated, and I miss leaving you all comments and keeping up with my friends.


Lily Belle


  1. I've had hug issues with Blogger lately too! It might be blogger, your computer might need software updates or you could try a different web browsing service. I use safari and it works pretty good for me. I miss your comments too, Lily!
    Kisses And Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Some people have had good results by changing their browser to Google Chrome. Blogger doesn't support IE any longer.


  3. First of all, have you tried switching to Chrome? And If you still have that problem, download Mozilla Firefox. There's a possibility that you might have accidentally downloaded something that makes that happen to your Internet Explorer.

    You were mentioning about redirection, that usually suggests an add-on that Internet Explorer has. I say, switch to Chrome.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. Try using Mozilla Firefox for your browser instead of I.E. OR Google Chrome.
    Blogger does not seem to like I.E. for some reason

  5. I had the same problem too! And then some blogs would just go to a white blank page so I couldn't even see them. Soooooo, everybuddy kept telling be to change my browser and I did just about five minutes ago and it WORKED...nows I can get to everybuddies blog. We went with Firefox.



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