Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today we say Goodbye...

Today was the day. The one Mommy was dreading for weeks now. We all had to say goodbye to "The Boy's." That was what we called our little fishies.

Mommy had a long, long talk with them last night (and I was not supposed to listen, but I snuck around the corner and did). She told them that she was sorry they had to go to a new home because Daddy is retiring and that we just couldn't find a way to have them fed twice a day while we are away for 4 months. She told them that they were good boy's and gave us all hours of enjoyment.

When I was a baby, Mommy would lay on the couch with me and we'd spend hours watching The Boy's swim round and around. I would get so dizzy, I'd finally fall asleep on her. I understand now, that was the main objective! Get little puppy Lily to sleep. But, that was when I was a baby, like almost 8 years ago!

Mommy loved the way they greeted her each time she went to the tank. The Boy's would come right up to her and she would talk to them. They had a special bond between them. Just like Muffin and I do with her.

Today she told them that she loved them one last time. Mommy told the lady  today when she dropped them off, all of their names. Then Mommy started with the eye leaks and had to leave. The tank is still in the room until Saturday when some man named Randy will come and pick it up. His little fishies will go from living in their Condo to a Mansion. I'm sure they will love their new home.

Everytime Mommy looks towards the tank, her eyes drip. I can see just how hard it is on Mommy; to say goodbye to your babies after ALL these years.

Some would say they were JUST fish. To us, they were FAMILY!

Lily Belle


  1. Oh Lily, tell your mommy the boys understand and that I hope she's happy again soon
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Oh I am so very much sorry that the BOYS will be in a new home... butt at least you will know they will not be hungry or DRY.
    I will cross my paws that your mom will be able to see the BOYS again some time.
    Please tell her that I understand about FAMILY. I had two furends that were Rabbits.. Love knows NO boundaries.

  3. We know you and your Mama are very sad right now, but thankfully the Boys will soon be swimming around happily in their new home!
    Sometimes.....we just gotta do sad things but what is best for our family.

    (((hugs))) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  4. I get it! We had a tank in China. I LOVED chasing the fish. I got nose prints all over the tank. They'd just wait real still for me to come, and then dash around to make me crazy. I chased fish in all the restaurants we went to as well. That was fun.Lady wants to get me a tank but they are really poorly made here -only one fish shop. Your boys are in a happy place and free to swim. They wouldn't make it all alone. Lick your mommy's leaky eyes, okay Lily? It's your job.


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