Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Busy...

Hi friends,

Mommy has been so busy these days that she has not had time to work on any posts for us or post any pictures. She said she is really sorry about that.

Grandpa is doing better and his black and blue boo-boo's are slowly getting better.

Mommy has been busy Christmas shopping and we hope she got us something really good!

Mommy is also getting organized for our big trip to Florida in like 3 1/2 weeks. We will spend the winter down there in the sun. I can't wait 'cause I've never been there before and Muffin has been telling me all about it. We get to ride in Grandpa's golf cart all the time and get to run in our big back yard. Muffin is excited to "show me the ropes" when we get down there. She said I will really like it and there are lot's of animals to bark at. I don't know what an alligator is, but I have to stay far, far away from them.

Daddy retires in a couple of weeks and we are happy that he will be able to play with us all the time. We're gonna make him our new official Cabana Boy. He can bring us drinks and yummy cookies and can fan us when we get hot. We didn't tell him this yet, but me thinks he will be very surprised!

Mommy is taking Grandpa to a Christmas luncheon today at the place he use to work. Then they will stop and celebrate Christmas with Aunt Marcia who is in a nursing home.

Speaking of nursing homes, Daddy and Mommy went to a party last night at the nursing home where our Omi (Grandma) is living. She is not very well and doesn't know who any of us are anymore. But she is always happy. Muffin and I will go and visit her on Christmas Day. All the people at the home love it when we come to visit. We love it too because they drop food all over the floor and we are really good floor cleaners!

OK, think that is about it for now friends. Hope that you are all staying healthy and well.

Remember, Santa Paw's is still watching all of us!

Lily Belle


  1. Wow.. your OWN Cabana Boy??? COOOL DROOOOOOL

  2. I'm glad your Grandpa's feeling better! Have fun in Florida! Oh! I wish you could visit me! STAY AWAY from the alligators!
    Dachshund Nola

  3. Hi girls! Stop by my blog, I gave you an award!
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Hellos, I is Puddles and I am coming from Nola's blog...I is a doxie and I is a girl. It is so nice to meets you.
    Florida sounds nice...especially if you has somebuddy bringin' you drinks...hehehehe.


  5. Hee hee, how does your dad feel about being your Cabana Boy??

    Glad you are feeling better!! :)


  6. Hey Lily Belle,

    I haven't seen your pawpal yet but your Dad seems to be a very helpful hooman. I can't wait to read more of your posts.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  7. Oh you are sooo lucky you get to spend the winter in the sun! I bet that is so nice. What a big trip! Glad grandpa is feeling better!


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