Friday, December 9, 2011

Snow Day

Hi everyone! Muffin here....
We had snow this morning. Yup, this is our really first official daytime accumulation of the season. We did have flurries a few weeks ago at night that dusted the ground, but really wasn't even worthy of being called snow. Mommy made me put on one of my winter jackets before I went out in it. Lily is lucky, she doesn't have to wear a jacket unless it's REALLY bad outside. She loves the snow!

Hey, I'm a Florida d-o-g-g-i-e and I don't like cold! Once I got back into the house I said enough of this snow stuff...

Lily and I saw 2 fox this morning in the back yard. They kind of scared me and my hackles went straight up into the air. Lily barked at them and they ran away. Then Mommy saw one of them come back again. She's keeping a close eye in the yard today for them. She has to keep us safe ya know!

Grandpa fell again last night walking into the garage. Daddy had to go out and help him get untangled and off the ground. Poor Grandpa, he isn't too stable anymore. We really wish he would use his Rollator that he has. We think that would help him alot!

But at 87, Grandpa is very stubborn. Grrrrrr......

I threw up this morning all over the big bed and also on the ramp. Guess I had a little tummy ache but I feel much better now. Poor Mommy is doing all the laundry again.

Mommy has to take Grandpa out for blood work shortly so Lily and I will stay home and see what kind of trouble we can get into while they are gone.

Have a great day friends,

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  1. Hi girls! Oh I sure hope Grandpa is ok! Keep me posted! I'm a Florida girl too, and I get COLD!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola


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