Thursday, December 29, 2011

Daddy's Retirement Party

This was supposed to be posted last night, but Mommy didn't get around to it! Geez... Like she's too busy or something....

Today so much is happening. We're supposed to get a big snow storm. That would be our first big snow this season. We shall see if they got the forecast right this time. (Got 2 inches of snow, but freezing cold temps and high winds)

Also today, our Aunt Rona is having her back surgery. We have been praying and praying for her and for the surgeon. We won't get an update from Uncle Steve until really late tonight. She doesn't get the operation until 3:45pm. (Aunt Rona didn't get into surgery until after 6:30pm. (We talked to her this morning and she is very groggy and sore, but is in good spirits)

After lunch, Mommy is picking up Doxie Freeda. She is gonna stay with us for a few days while her Mommy is in the hospital. We're gonna have lot's of fun like we always do with her here. Mommy and Daddy are gonna love sleeping tonight. We all take a long time to settle down 'cause now we're 3 in the bed and it's a game we play to see who gets to sleep next to the hoomans. I bet I win. (Freeda is here with us. She had to come for the birthday party, as she wouldn't miss it! We played our little game last night and I told you! I won.)

OK, on to the really BIG news. Today Mommy went to Daddy's retirement luncheon. Oh yeah, at least they gave him a lunch! Daddy requested that the food come one of his favorite italian restaurants. I know which one too, 'cause when they bring home left overs, I always get a little, tiny taste. Daddy's supervisor gave him a bottle of Tanqueray. I think that is his way of saying "good luck being around Mommy and Grandpa full time now." Mommy better remember to take that to Florida with us. (Mommy said that lunch was delicious and she brought home leftovers last night for dinner. It was good!)

Daddy in the shop

The RYCO Gang
Daddy works for a company that owns and manages a really huge office complex. He handles all the heating & A/C, landscaping, etc. It's very physical work so best he retires now so they don't kill him!

Daddy said that Friday can't come quick enough so he can say sayounara. (Pronounced- SI-O-NA-RA) as in good-bye, see ya, adios....

After tomorrow, I'm making Daddy our personal play toy! Yes!

Lily Belle


  1. Wow that's exciting! You're so lucky!
    Dachshund Nola

  2. Oh boy OH BOY... your home will be FILLED with JOY.. starting Friday..after the last day of work!! A full time PLAY TOY!!! Your dad is SOOOOOO lucky!!
    PeeS... I was SURE you would win THE game!

  3. Congrats on your retirement! Glad to hear the good reports on the surgery. Glad Freeda has a good place to stay while her mom is recovering. Enjoy your new play toy!! Let him know what he has been missing!


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