Friday, November 25, 2011

Wally World is not so Wonderful

Who doesn't love a great bargain right? So off we go, Hubby and I to snag the best possible 'night before Black Friday special hours' spectacular deal at Wally World. Oh you know the place I'm talking about. Oh crap, the parking lot is packed! It's 9:30pm and I truly believe that we got the last parking spot in the lot. We couldn't have been any further away from the place. Then come to find out, that all entrances to the store are blocked off and only one door is open to go in. Don't 'cha know that the entrance is on the totally opposite side from where we parked. Here I am hobbling because of a bout of sciatica trying to keep up with Hubby. Walk the mile to the door only to see lines of people all over the place in the food aisles. My brain quickly tried to process what was the BIG bargain in the grocery area that people we lined up for. Hub's kept walking and headed to the back of the store to electronics. We were trying to snag a video game for our nephews (we have 4 of them in 1 family). It was going on sale at 10pm for almost half price. What a good deal eh? So Hub's talks to the lady with the key to the cabinet that all the games are locked behind. She said that the game IF purchased in electronics was being sold at full price. The same game at the really great discount was up in produce. Didn't make any sense to us, but hey I'll play by their rules. Didn't really have a choice, did I? Trudge back up to the front of the store and stand in the long line in grocery. Now we're thinking, not a prayer in the world is going to help us now. All of a sudden, they let the crowd rush in and people are pushing and scrambling. By the time we get remotely close to the game, the shelf is empty. Come to find out they only had 1 up for sale at the deep discount price. GREAT! I'm a little ticked off right now at Wally World, in fact, I'm a whole lot of pissed at them!! They have totally ruined my shopping experience. This is the first time in all of the years that I've shopped a Black Friday sale that I've had a problem. Guess that will teach me to only shop directly ON Black Friday and not at the 'night before Black Friday special hours' sales that they started this year.

Lesson learned.....

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