Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tis the Season for Christmas Cards

Lot's of friends to send cards to this year. Doesn't that make you happy? Will you be excited to possibly see me and Muffin all decked out for the holidays? Well, Mommy's been very busy working on our cards this year. She joined the Christmas Card Exchange on the Doxie Bulletin Board ('cause we couldn't afford to do the secret Santa). So she thought sending Cards to her friends there would be nice. The people on the DBB have been most helpful to Mommy and me when I was sick.

Anyways.... She has many more cards to write, but alot have already been mailed out. Just wanted to give you a sneak peak of things to come....

How about my fancy coat? Don't I just look beautiful in it? Mommy made it out of a Christmas stocking. Can you believe it? She even had to use a sewing machine and no fingers were lost or hurt while doing it. She is very proud of herself for learning how to do this. She made Muffin a green one too! Now won't you be soooo excited to see what we look like in our official 2011 Christmas Card?

Don't tell Mommy I shared this little photo op with you ~ Tee-hee-hee...

Lily Belle


  1. Oh Lily Girl you look beautiful! Your momma is very talented!
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola

  2. you look really amazing!
    your momma is right to be proud of her work!
    if i would try that,nobody would be able to wear that!Hihi
    sooo cute,little christmaself!
    greetings anni and the foxbrothers


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