Friday, December 1, 2023



Life changes so quickly! The heart knows what the heart knows..... Love hurts. And sometimes it hurts badly.

I can close my eyes and remember this very day. It was Good Friday in 2004 when we brought you home. You were the best fur-child ever Lily Belle. 

Then once again, I close my eyes and it's 13.5 years later and it is December 1, 2017. The day you died. Our worlds shattered into a million pieces.

Today it still hurts. Yes, we remember all the beautiful days in-between your seasons. We also remember your cervical IVDD which cost us over $8,000. We remember your Florida allergies which again almost broke us. We remember your eyelid cancer. We were blessed for our friends who all helped pay for your surgery. The good however, outweigh the bad. 

Not a day goes by in these 6 years that we don't think of you. Or perhaps we pet the couch next to us to feel your spirit there. We feel your warmth at night when we're in bed. We feel your breath giving us kisses. We feel you right in our hearts. Your paws scratching at it as if to say I'm still here. I'll never leave you. It brings me to tears.

Life is just a Journey. A tough Journey at times. Someday... they say our Journey will take us all to a better place. I pray that place is the Rainbow Bridge where you will be waiting right there for me and for your Daddy.

Love you with all my heart Lily Belle. My sweet, sweet girl.




  1. And now my eyes are dripping too. Why do these losses hurt so much and will we ever get passed it? I keep trying to remind myself of the old saying --- "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". Thinking back in time, I would never give up a single day with any of my furbabies just to avoid the pain that we know will always come eventually. I totally understand how you are feeling. ♥♥♥♥

  2. I 100% know what you mean. Lily Belle and Muffin were two of Madi's first doggie friends. Recently saw some photos of the Olympics we had on Blogville. Dachshunds are agile...
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. They never really leave our lives, we are so blessed to have been in theirs! RIP Lily Belle


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