Thursday, July 1, 2021

Goodbye is not furever

 Perhaps one of our oldest blogging buddies and furever furend Frankie scurried off to the bridge the other day. While I know he is safe there with all his buddies, I know that his Mama's heart is breaking into a zillion pieces.  

Loss of our fur-children is hard. Perhaps one of our hardest losses. It leaves a huge hole in our hearts. We try to remember that goodbye is not furever. We will see our loved ones again. That is what I choose to believe. 

To Lana and Ernie, we send you hugs, love and our sincerest condolences. The blogging community mourns with you.

We all loved Frankie like he was our own. He will be missed but remains close in our hearts.

See you at the Taco Stand someday Frankie. When you done having your taco, go find G-PA Bob and share an ice cream with him.


Kim & Rolf


  1. Someday we will all be together and play from sunrise to mooonrise

  2. What a beautiful post and I am 87% sure Lily Belle, Muffin, Frankie and Madi are all twerking OTRB...
    Thank you for you kind words as I am recuperating nicely...actually being kinda of a slug..but they say slow and steady wins the healing race
    Hugs Cecilia

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