Monday, September 21, 2020

Your time has come..... 9-17-2020

My beautiful and sweet Mother in law, Ursula, has left this earthly world to be healed and become whole again in Heaven.

Twelve years of dementia. Nine in a vegatative state. No one deserves this disease!

While Rolf and I can't attend her funeral in NY, I wrote her eulogy which our one nephew Kyle will read on our behalf. 

Mom, this is for you.

She was a strong woman who lived her life with purpose and courage. Living through rough times in Germany and trying to provide for and raise a family proved to be extremely difficult. Dad and Mom made the decision in 1957 to make the move to this country called America. We boarded a ship called the United States and voyaged for 6 days until we arrived at Ellis Island. A new place to call home. A new journey. A new beginning. Just try to even imagine what was going through Moms mind at that time. I tell you, that’s a strong woman to deal with that! That shows her strength and courage.

She was a devoted wife and mother. She was a devoted mother-in-law. She was a very devoted grandmother who loved her grandkids immensely. She was a devoted friend to many. She was devoted to her religion.

She was a caring mother who nurtured her children and raised them with principle and honor.

She was kind and gentle. She was stern when she needed to be. She loved to sing and had the voice of an angel. She sang many times with the VonTrapp family singers. She was loved in some way by all of you here today.

Mom appreciated the little things in life. A smile, a hug, fresh picked flowers from the garden, all animals, a tasty sandwich, a letter or phone call from a friend or even a well made Manhattan. Prost! The list of little things could go on forever.

There is so much more I could tell you about Ursula but then you would be sitting here for a much longer time. And…. I can hear her saying…. “enough about me.”

Mom, though we all said good bye to you many years ago when this horrible disease fully kicked in, Kim and I want you to know we are really going to miss you now that your spirit has flown away to go live in peace. We will miss your silly laugh, your generosity and your zest for life. But most of all, we will miss your love.

Thank you Mom for all the wonderful years we’ve had together. Thank you for being the BEST Mom a guy could ask for.

The time has come….. Lay down now and rest with the angels Mom.

Let your voice be heard as you sing your song in all the glories of Heaven. If we take a pause in life, we WILL be able to hear you once again.

In our hearts I know… you will always be with us.

We love you Mom!

Auf wiedersehen

Rolf & Kimberly

Mom always had Dachshunds! This is her grand-doggie.

We were blessed to have a video call with her an hour before her passing. Thanks to Rolf's Sister.

This Friday, we will have a life video feed from the funeral home, church and cemetery. We will be with you in spirit.

God speed Mom.


  1. So touching. She will always be with you and Rolf...Rest in Heavenly Peace, Ursula.

  2. Kim I am so sorry to read about your precious mother in law. What a beautiful lady.
    Mama had Lewy's Body Dementia (a form of Parkinson's). It is such a cruel evil disease.
    Sending my belated condolences to you and Rolf and family
    Love cecilia


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