Saturday, June 23, 2012

Couch Potato Peeling ~ A Blogville Olympic Event

UPDATE: e-mail addy is at bottom of post

Ladies and gentlemen, furends and critters of all ages, come one, come all...

Lily Belle here. Your official Blogville Olympic Couch Potato Peeling Event Coordinator. My sister Muffin has graciously accepted the position of Couch Potato Peeling Event Supervisor.

Oh no! Hey Muffin, *^&$#%&, we gots a problem!  Boy did we mess up BIG time. This ain't the circus. We gotta fix this immediately before The Blogville Olympic Committee finds out about it. We could get fired over this you know. Hurry Muffin, find the right graphic and bring it to me pronto. Run Muffin, run quick, come on I'm waiting...

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Whew! Good running there Muffin. Your little leg's can sure move quick when they need to. Do you think anyone noticed we messed up? I sure hope not bcuz this is really, really, really impawtant.

We have raised our paws to this challenge and have taken the official Olympic Oath.

"In the name of all Blogville competitors, Muffin and I promise that we shall take part in these Blogville Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules that govern them according to our Mayor Frankie Furter, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams."

I wanna start by saying that we are so excited about this awesome Event which is to take place on Tuesday, July 31st right here on our blog. We hope that everyone plans on submitting at least one entry. I mean come on, don't we all have just a little Couch Potato Peeling in us?

Remember, we will be accepting your entries starting on July 9th. No more entries will be accepted after July 18th at the stroke of midnight (Eastern Standard Time). Yup, that's the rules we swore to abide by.

Now for the official rules on the Couch Potato Peeling Event:

What is Couch Potato Peeling you ask yourself.... Hmmm.... That's a good question!

Let me now turn this over to my Grandpa for just a moment. After all, at almost 88 years old, he is the epitomy of Couch Potato Peeling. 

Grandpa Bob here, thanks Lily I'm glad that I can be of some service to you. Let me explain the Peeling part (hence Couch Potato Peeling). Do you know what happens to the potato skin when you peel a potato?

It lays there.
It doesn't move.
It is stagnant.
It is motionless.
It is asleep.
It has not a care in the world.

I hope that answers some of your questions about Peeling. I will now give Lily back her blog to explain the rest to you.

Thanks Grandpa, that was an excellent explanation and picture. Now let me explain to our Olympians the rest of the Event.

Couch Potato Peeling is just this (but with a twist): Show us "your spot", you know the spot that you call for your very own, the spot you've claimed as Queen or King of the Castle. Perhaps Daddy's warm seat on the couch when he gets up to grab a beer or perhaps a bowl of ice cream. "Your spot" riding shot-gun in the car, "your spot" on your perch in your cage, "your spot" way up high on top of the kitty kastle, "your spot" laying in the hay. "Your spot" could be laying in the middle of the grass. It DON't have to be on a couch! Are you starting to catching my drift yet?

Some of you may be asking the age ol'e question.... How does being just a Couch Potato differ from being a Couch Potato Peeler. That's an easy one to answer. You ARE a Couch Potato IF you're awake. You know like being all comfy in "your spot" while watching TV, or eating a bone. But add in the Peeling and that would make you in our opinion ASLEEP!

We wanna see the BESTEST pictures of you in "your spot" ASLEEP. Now that's a true Couch Potato Peeler!

Here are some example's for your viewing pleasure:

Here is our beautiful Paw's Illustrated model Muffin with her Daddy showing you the DON'TS for the Couch Potato Peeling Event. Even tho Muffin is in "her spot" on the couch on Daddy's lap all snuggly being a Couch Potato, she is awake and trying to get to the bone. This don't count!

This one counts! This is my Cuz Freeda and me being REAL Couch Potato Peelers!

As cute as Uncle Buddy and I is in this photo, it don't count either. We's got our eyes open. We just being plain ol'e Couch Potato's here.

Yup! Muffin and I doing the Peeling...

Nope, just being a Potato here. Ain't NO Peeling going on.
(Actually Mommy say's I look more like a spaghetti head than a potato)
Now, this is some serious Peeling happening here. Freeda and I have always been excellent Peelers!

I'm gonna say it again just in case you wasn't paying attention: We wanna see the BESTEST pictures of you in "your spot" ASLEEP

So tell your hooman to grab the camera and show 'em how you do the Couch Potato Peeling!

Nighty night! Don't let the potato's bite. Now get Peeling!

UPDATE: E-mail deleted

Lily Belle & Muffin


  1. It is gonna be SO MUCH FUN! We have our peelin pic picked out already!

  2. You are are so gorgeous!! After all, aren't bassets and Dachshunds cousins? I love the photo of grandpa!

  3. THANK you Grandpa Bob and Lily Belle and Muffin fur the PERFECT explanation of your event. Some how WRONG I (Frankie Furter) can be??? I thought it was gonna be like... US bein in our favorite spot... and our PEEPS tryin to PEEL us OFF.. so they could STEAL our place. Silly ME. BUTT this is gonna be MUCH easier (and more Comfy) fur all of us... Heck, who DOESN'T have plenty of examples of SLEEPIN/PEELIN. THIS is gonna be an EXCELLENT EVENT and I am SURE there will be 87,000 ATHLETES Entered. OK everybuddy... get those EYES CLOSED and GRAB some Zzzzzzz's.. Let the Flashy Beast Capture your OLYMPIC MOMENTS... THEN be ready to Enter ... COUCH POTATO PEELIN.

  4. I think I will have to enter this contest! I'm very good at this!

    your pal,

  5. Great post Lily Belle and poor Grandpa exposed couch potatoing!
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I am practicing night and day. I'm getting pretty good too.

  7. Hi Team GB here! I think we may have one or two pictures of me asleep...ahem.. Deccy x

  8. Now it is very clear!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Excellent explanation, and so clearly illustrated too. I shall definitely be entering this event.
    Toodle pip!

  10. Hi Lily,

    I have awarded you the Sunshine Award!
    (And no, this is not an attempt to bribe you so you will look more favorably upon my entry in the Couch Potato peeling event)

    your pal,

  11. I can't wait to get my pics to you!
    Love ya girl

  12. Another event! We hope we could join. Nice one Lily.

    Good luck on your event! Don't forget to snoopervise it well.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  13. Glad you clarified that, now we know exactly what to do!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  14. Ohhhhhh, I like this one! I'm going to start practicing right NOW!

  15. We will be entering. We may have missed it but where do you want the entries sent?

  16. Finally! An event my brothers (and drinky Uncle Freddy) are WELL trained for...

    Sugar the Who

  17. I have one to send in too, but don't know where to send it. Thanks.

  18. Oh my first Olympics is so fun I got on Moms e-mail account to send a pic of me totally couch potato peeling on top of Mom on the bed. Purrs

  19. I think I get what to DO and NOT DO for an entry photo. Marzipan is a sack of couch potatoes. I am going to enter him!




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